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18 people share the dumbest rules their high schools enforced.

18 people share the dumbest rules their high schools enforced.


It's understandable that schools need to enforce rules. But sometimes, they can go a little too far.

A recent Reddit thread asked, "What was the dumbest rule your school enforced?" From silly language policing to nonsensical anti-gang mandates, it's clear that some rules are meant to be broken.

1. Well everyone know cancer gangs are the worst kinds of gangs.

Can’t wear too many matching shirts because you could be a gang. This was in regards to a kid with cancer wanting to make a bunch of shirts.

My high school was in butt f*** Nebraska - haydawg8

2. No wearing shoes on your head.

“Shoes are to be worn as the manufacturer intended.”

I have no clue who was wearing their shoes incorrectly (or how), but this line, verbatim, was repeated to us over the morning announcements when there were perceived infractions at various points throughout the year. - thinkguava

3. Everyone knows prom is the only night of the year when students engage in underage drinking.

Prom was a mandatory lockdown for the night in order to avoid students going to parties after prom.

Prom was held at various house parties across town instead. - Coffee-spree

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