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15 people share question kids surprised them with.

15 people share question kids surprised them with.


We all know kids say the darndest things. They also ask the most cringeworthy questions.

Parents of Reddit are answering the following question: "what are some questions your kids answered that you could never have anticipated?"

These seemingly innocent queries might cause secondhand embarrassment you can physically feel. Proceed with caution!

Hope she was using the handle, not the head...

My nephew running in explaining that he just saw pictures and was wondering why a women is playing with a screwdriver when she is naked.

Found my dads porn mags he was selling in the shop downstairs.

Nooooooo, vr810qs!

Driving my daughter home from elementary school:

"Hey Mom, what's a blow job?"

There's really no good time to teach someone else's child about lactation, as princessnora can tell you.

Kid I babysat who had a breastfeeding infant brother - If you don’t have a baby why do you have boobs?

Wasn’t that strange but it did stick with me.

Congratulations, sekritskwerrel, you had a vegan!

Once my four year old son realized that chickens (birds) were the same thing as chickens for food, he asked; “are chickens not important?”

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