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Guy asks if he's wrong to ask GF to replace AirPods she broke doing his laundry.

Guy asks if he's wrong to ask GF to replace AirPods she broke doing his laundry.


Living in close quarters can cause even the best of us to lose our cool. But one guy's being called out for a-hole behavior after he slightly overreacted to his girlfriend's honest mistake.

The man posted on Reddit to ask the internet to adjudicate in a squabble between him and his other half. '[Am I the a-hole],' he asked, 'for demanding my GF to pay me $250?'

It started when he threw his sweatpants on the ground:

All started yesterday, I get home from running outside, threw my sweatpants on the floor. About 30 min's later she walks into the room and says she's going to start some laundry. Asked what I needed and told her, then she asked if the pants on the ground were dirty, said yeah without even thinking I left my Airpods in the pockets.

So his girlfriend did him a solid by washing his funky sweats, but didn't check the pockets:

She started laundry, which I'm thankful for but she didn't check my pockets at all. So after the it's done washing she's comes into the room saying my headphones got washed. Asked her which pair (I have wired & airpods), she says my airpods.

That's where I got furious. Told her 'How can you be so clueless to not check pockets before washing'. She Said 'I'm sorry it was an honest mistake' I replied ' I'm sure it was but your mistake cost me $250'

Wow, what a guy. He then demanded the cash:

I told her I need $250 Right now no excuses. She gave me an excuse saying 'I don't have $250 just to giveaway right now'. Replied 'that's not my problem'. Kept saying she doesn't have it right now. Told me that right now she doesn't a timetable on when she will be able to pay me back.

Also thinks 'I'm not trying to work with her and being overly rude about the situation, and it could be handled a nicer and better way than I have.'

He compared his girlfriend dating him to a job, which frankly seems pretty accurate:

If this was a job and you cost them money they would fire you and make you pay them back. No expectations here just because I'm her boyfriend IMO.

The people of Reddit swiftly decreed him the a-hole.

T_Cadwallader said there was no question he was in the wrong:

Lmao [you're the a-hole] OBVIOUSLY. She’s clueless? You’re an adult. YOU forgot to take them out of your pockets. Come on now. Way to blame someone else for your mistake.

Then you’re demanding it now and comparing it to a job? HOW is that the same? What’s wrong with you?

RoamingAmber says it's clearly his fault that the AirPods got washed:

If you’re so concerned about your AirPods, why would you toss them on the floor in the pockets of dirty laundry anyway? Someone could step on them, they could fall out of the pocket getting carelessly tossed aside like that, any number of things.

And when she asked if you had anything ready for the laundry isn’t it as much your responsibility to clean out your own pockets knowing that those sweats were headed for the washer as it was for her to check up the contents of your floor clothes? At most, you two should split the cost of the AirPods.

And they add that yelling won't make the money magically appear:

Second, if she doesn’t have the money to give you right away do you think yelling at her that you don’t care is going to make it show up any faster?

And by the way, your a little comparison stating if this were a job she would be fired and forced to pay the business back is flat out wrong. Every single company I have ever worked for has allowed some wiggle room for employees who accidentally broke a piece of company equipment. Crap happens. This is your partner anyway, not your employee.

Trebeckface pointed out that leaving your pants on the ground is babyish behavior anyway:

She isn't your mommy. Do your own f****** laundry and don't just leave your clothes on the ground. I pray your gf dumps you she clearly deserves better.

And Appropriate_Energy laid down the law: each of us responsible for checking our own pockets before we deem an article of clothing laundry-worthy.

You are responsible for emptying your pockets, not the person doing you a favor by doing laundry for you.

So there you have it: it's the AirPod owner's fault.

Let's hope for the girlfriend's sake that this relationship doesn't last much longer.

Sources: Reddit
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