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16 people share how they got to $100,000 a year without a college degree.

16 people share how they got to $100,000 a year without a college degree.


Some people believe that when it comes to making big money, a college degree is a must. But as one recent Reddit thread proves, plenty of people can still hit the six-figure mark even if they skip university.

A Reddit user asked for people who make over $100,000 without a degree to explain their jobs and how they got there. The results prove that there's no one way to get to the top.

1. It's very good to know nuclear plant operators are making bank.

Nuclear plant operations.

You can get into an Senior Reactor Operator licensing class with certain experience or education. A huge number of the SROs are are ex-Navy nukes. The Navy requires a HS diploma.

Job pays usually starting of over 100K. - not-whiney

2. This is why plenty of people love tipping culture.

Bartender in a high end resort town. I work my ass off during the seasons but off season is easy. - PhreddyPhuchtard

3. Moving giant stuff around seems like a pretty lucrative gig.

I used to manage a Cooperage (recycling shipping containers).

The job was a lot of physical work, but doesn’t require any special skill beyond management. I had a $67,000/ year salary and earned about $3,500/month in bonuses.

We basically charged companies to dispose of their drums and IBC’s, cleaned and painted any in good condition and sold them for less than the cost of new containers (usually to the same people that paid us to haul them away), and scrapped any unusable. My trucks didn’t move without turning a profit. - Kordiel

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