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19 people share the weirdest trait that runs in their family.

19 people share the weirdest trait that runs in their family.


Some families have a gene for red hair. Others for left-handedness, or maybe being double-jointed.

But other families have people who, say, stop clocks just by standing near them. Wait, what?

A recent Reddit thread asked, "What are your absolutely weirdest 'runs in the family' traits or characteristics?" The responses prove that if you thought a family full of lefties was weird, you've got another thing coming.

1. But why only the women?

A lot of the women in my family have three or four kidneys - budj0r

2. At least you get more visits from the tooth fairy.

Our teeth develop slowly. I (28M) have 3 baby teeth left. My mother had only lost one baby tooth at age 14 and lost her last one aged 35. One of my Uncles died in his 60's with a baby tooth left . - DarknessIsFleeting

3. This has to be a sign of witchcraft.

my grandmother, mother, my siblings, and i all have the exact same mole on the back of our necks. same spot, same size, same colour.

i haven't inspected my maternal aunts' necks to see if they have it too, but i'm starting to think i should. - captainunderwhelming

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