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16 people share stories of things that 'ruined' their Christmas.

16 people share stories of things that 'ruined' their Christmas.


Does anyone ever have a perfect Christmas?

Probably not — and some Christmases are way, way more disastrous than others.

A recent Reddit thread had people spilling the stories of what ruined their Christmas. From parents ghosting children to fighting over grandma's will, it's safe to say these people's Christmases were probably worse than yours.

1. Estate issues can put a damper on your holiday.

My dad and his sibilings fighting over my recently passed grandmother’s house - DannyMorrow29

2. Puking in the boss's car will definitely make for a memorable Christmas.

Me. Was invited to a lovely dinner by my boss with his extended family. Everything went amazingly well, even though I was nervous. I didn’t drink anything due to medications, yet still managed to vomit profusely all over his car when he was giving me a ride home. - KyooTeaPie

3. As long as they're all okay, this sounds HILARIOUS.

My cousins got a mini bounce house and it popped with like 10 kids inside all under 8. The amount of crying broke my eardrums - xClovis7

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