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13 people share the 'harmless' things their parents did that messed them up for life.

13 people share the 'harmless' things their parents did that messed them up for life.


There's probably not a person on earth who gets out of childhood and adolescence unscathed. Sometimes, even the parenting practices that seem totally harmless can leave a lasting impact — and not in a good way.

A Reddit user asked people to share the "seemingly harmless parenting mistake[s] that will majorly f*** up a child later in life." Mentioning everything from forced extra-curricular activities to subtle digs, here are the top responses.

1. No one likes to have their romantic choices mocked.

Don't make fun of their romantic relationships, it just leads to them hiding it from you and boom. your son got married 14 years ago and you only found out last week. - TheSoviet_Union

2. Because in most cultures, picking a partner is no longer a joint parent-child activity.

Also, don't respond to every crush/date/etc. with an immediate, "oh, are you sure you like that person? Don't you think they're a little too *insert negative adjective here*?"

Once I became an adult, my mom asked why I never talked to her about my romantic life anymore, and I was like . . . "because you instantly dismiss every prospect? Every time?" But she hadn't even noticed herself doing it.

Basically, be careful about criticizing your kids' relationships, unless you think actual abuse is going on. - ZhenyaKon

Sources: Reddit
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