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18 people share the biggest scandals from their small hometowns.

18 people share the biggest scandals from their small hometowns.


You might think living in a city is the craziest lifestyle there is. But in reality, there's no drama like small-town drama, and a recent Reddit thread collected all the best stories from across the country.

As MissMurica1976 points out, lots of small-town scandals go down in the bedroom:

The scandal in my town is always the same... Someone is sleeping with someone else's husband... Or the 50 year old dating the 18 year old...

But in addition to those old chestnuts, there are manifold other ways small-town drama can come up. Here are a few of the best.

1. A lot of teachers didn't get the "no porn on your work computer" memo yet.

A teacher posted a link to a porn site on his website for classwork instead of the recent assignment, and got fired immediately. Apparently this wasn’t his first offense. - branklinshairbrush12

2. This town banded together to protect the sanctity of front yard fires.

A couple months ago someone left their fire pit in their driveway for a few days. They received a mailed letter from an anonymous neighbor shaming them for making the neighborhood look bad. The recipient then posted the letter on the town’s Facebook page. People ran with it and created the first annual front yard fire night. - sayyyywhat

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