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13 people share how tough their 'glamorized' careers really are.

13 people share how tough their 'glamorized' careers really are.


When you're wiling away are your 9-to-5, it's easy to think that another career would be a lot more glam.

But the truth is, pretty much all jobs are just... well... work. And in fact, often the more glam an industry seems, the easier it is for the people in charge to exploit those who are dying to get inside.

From modeling to film to video games, a bunch of Reddit users opened up about the glamorous jobs that are actually a nightmare.

1. Working in a professional kitchen is not for the faint of heart.


Long hours, shitty environment, nothing is ever good enough. - flyover_liberal

Long hours, dangerous work environment, rampant substance abuse, shit pay (unless you've been in it forever), cripples your social life because of the hours and leaves you with being friends with the high-functioning alcoholic bartenders.

I love cooking and am thankful for the experience... But never again. - CaptHooksCookBooks

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