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15 'winter life pro tips' for when the weather is freezing cold.

15 'winter life pro tips' for when the weather is freezing cold.


You might think you have your winter survival kit on lock, but did you know Neutrogena body oil, your car's eco mode, and vitamin D tablets are also secrets to sub-zero success?

A Reddit user asked for people's winter pro tips, and they delivered. Here are the 15 best tips.

1. Everyone knows you have to drink plenty of water in the summer — but it's also true in wintertime.

Drink more water!

In the summer, you don't need to be reminded to drink water and hydrate.

But in the winter? You're wearing layers to wick sweat away from your body, the humidity in the air gets really low, and you're not feeling hot, so you don't always remember to drink enough water.

Drink more water; kidney stones are no fun! - RodeoBob

2. Window insulation kits — which you can order online for less than $20 — are a game-changer when it comes to bills.

Put the window insulation kits on. You lose up to 55% of your homes heat through windows.

This will drastically help your electric bill and minimize the draft.

My wife is working on it today actually, and I will finish when I get home. - Lost_Gypsy_

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