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15 people share stories of the worst teachers they've ever had.

15 people share stories of the worst teachers they've ever had.


Some teachers manage to do an amazing job despite being overworked and underpaid.

But teachers are also human. So while some of them are superheroes, some do a terrible job for no apparent reason.

A Reddit user asked the people of the internet to share tales of the teachers who scarred them for life. Buckle up and thank your lucky stars that you're no longer stuck in the school system.

1. Corporal punishment is always an interesting choice.

I had a first grade teacher who--whenever she caught me chatting with another student when I was supposed to be listening--would yank on my ear. - HoloGalaxy

2. This teacher threatened to get a seven-year-old expelled for bad penmanship.

My 2nd Grade teacher. I always had terrible penmamship, but we had to write a report on a book about an animal. I picked penguins. The next day she called me up in fromt of the class. She said my report was so bad and illegible that she was going to have to tell the principal and that I was going to be expelled. From 2nd grade. I bawled my eyes out because I thought I was going to never be allowed to go to school again and knew I'd get my ass whooped when I got home. She told a 2nd grader that he was going to get kicked out of school because of penmanship.

She was just a terrible human. - Incidentalomatous

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