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Dad asks if he's wrong to fire babysitter for not wearing bra while watching kids.

Dad asks if he's wrong to fire babysitter for not wearing bra while watching kids.


Any place you work is technically your office, and some people don't follow the dress code.

A father wrote in to Reddit's 'Am I The A**hole?' board to inquire whether or not it's okay to fire a babysitter for her clothing...or lack thereof.

Here's how RatherFat explained the situation:

First, I am the father. Second, I do believe that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want, but they can't be free from judgement.

I had this babysitter, Emily, for about a month. She always seemed good, but today I got to leave work early due to a water leak, and came home me about 3 hours earlier. I opened the door, and I see her in just a bra and pants. She was surprised. I payed her for today, and told her that she wouldn't be babysitting our kids anymore.

She then posted on NextDoor that I fired her for her clothing. That is true, but I feel like that's an exaggeration. I just called her out on what really happened. My wife thinks I'm a slight asshole, but I did the right thing.


The internet jury was sympathetic, agreeing that it's absolutely bonkers for somebody to take their shirt off on the job (unless their job is underwear model or stripper.)

'[Not the A-hole, you don't sit in underwear in your place of work.' Auraya wrote. 'Doesn't matter if it's someone house or an office. Its matter of being professional.'

People wanted more details to explain the mystery of the missing shirt.

Asked if she was simply wearing a bra because she spilled something on her top, RatherFat explained, 'Her shirt was right next to her on the sofa. She immediately tried to wear it after I came in. So, no.'

'That's the big if for me. Say one of your kids had barfed on her shirt, then sure. Take it off. But just for random kicks? No,' a Redditor commented.

In conclusion, if you're on the clock, you're shirt should be on.

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