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15 people share the best compliments they’ve received.

15 people share the best compliments they’ve received.


The internet, and the world, are full of nightmares. You deserve to read something that will quickly give you the warm-fuzzies and inspire you to be kind out loud. The thread "What is the best compliment you've ever received?" is a good place to get ideas/

Please memorize them and tell them to your friends. They're what everyone needs to hear.

(It's also okay to read these and pretend that they're about you.)

1. "When I hang out with you, I always end up laughing."


2. "Someone I had just met told me I was funny. It was the first time I ever got a non-superficial compliment (nice clothes, shoes, etc) and being a very insecure teenager at the time that one really stuck with me."


3. "'Maybe you should ask her (me) for the answer, she’s very smart.' — My crush from 7th grade English class."


4. "I was sitting with my mother when my 5 year old daughter came over screaming about something. I asked her what she was frustrated about and then we talked it out and she walked away happy. My mom then said to me 'Wow that was some good parenting.'"


5. "My dad using my song as his ringtone."


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