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Bride asks if she's wrong for not wanting fiancé's son at wedding.

Bride asks if she's wrong for not wanting fiancé's son at wedding.


A bride does not want her fiancé's 11-year-old son to attend their wedding, and it reads like to origin story of a Bridezilla turning into an Evil Stepmother.

Child-free weddings are an increasingly popular choice, because of both atmosphere and the fact that an open bar makes vomit already all-too-likely among adults. But people usually make exceptions for close family, but this bride doesn't want to.

A woman wrote on 'Am I The A**hole?':

Am I am the asshole for asking the soon to be hubs for a child free wedding?

My Finace of 2 1/2 years and I are set to be married in a little over a year. We have been pretty much in agreement over most of the wedding planning except this one thing.

I told my fiance that I would like to have a child free wedding because I do not want babies and little ones screaming, crying, or running around during our ceremony and reception. This is our special day and I do not want that annoyance. Especially during vows!

Sounds reasonable, right? Here's where the reason stops:

My fiance however said that he wants his 11 year old son and his 4 year old niece to be a part of the day and be in the pictures and what not. I told him that I understand this, I really do. But I want this to be elegant.

Not like a back yard barbeque. I also told him that I want to be his focus on our big day and feel his son especially will want most of his focus as he always does when he is around. He says he will try and prioritize me but I know how it will go. My soon to be stepson will whine and literally cry until he gets the attention.

AITA for wanting my wedding day to be childfree?

Yeah, um, it wasn't even a debate: this lady sucks.

It's a theme among bridezillas that they forget that the wedding belongs to their partner too, and if a man wants his kid at his wedding, he should have his kid at his wedding! Especially when the child in question is eleven and doesn't have a criminal record.

'YTA (You're The A**hole). You,' EclipticEclipse emphatically stated.

'I don't care if you don't want kids at the wedding or at any point. Hell, I have none. But this is his son. Your future stepson.'

'And kids at a wedding isn't an all or nothing thing. Your future husband and you get to set the rules. If he wants the two kids there, let the two kids come and say no to the others.'

However the wedding goes, it sounds like this lady is certainly excited to be a stepmother.

Congrats to Disney on their future, real life, gender-bent Cinderella reboot.

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