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13 people share the socially acceptable behaviors that make them cringe.

13 people share the socially acceptable behaviors that make them cringe.


In the grand matrix of annoying behavior, there's stuff that's cringeworthy and not socially acceptable (farting in someone's face, for example); things that are neither cringeworthy nor socially acceptable (like crying in public); perfectly fine behavior, and then there's this: cringeworthy behavior that is socially accepted, but shouldn't be.

People shared which behaviors are socially acceptable that they really wish weren't.

1. dottmatrix doesn't trash talk their spouse.

Speaking ill of your significant other constantly. If they're so awful, why are you with them?!

I wouldn't be with someone I had cause to speak poorly of, and I certainly wouldn't want my SO to be bitching about me every day.

2. Lower the decibel levels for Pan_the_Lamb.

Being obnoxious because it's seen as being outgoing/quirky/fun.

It's none of those things. You don't have a personality. You're just loud.

Edit: to the people saying "I'm like this but I wish I wasn't," no. You're not. These people have no idea how annoying they are and they're doing it on purpose. If you find yourself being loud without realizing til it's too late, keep doing you. We've all been there.

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3. pilotsam8 waits their turn.

I'm not sure if this is socially acceptable, but it happens WAY too much. If you are waiting for a subway/tram/train/bus/whatever and it arrives at the station, LET THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO GET OFF OFF BEFORE YOU GET ON. DON'T STAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOORS AND BLOCK THEM! I take the subway very often, and I encounter this way too much! Just stand to the side! It's not hard!!

4. SomethingsQueerHere is all about respect.

I don’t know if anybody has said this yet, but shit talking service workers. Sure, working at Denny’s or McDonalds isn’t the most glamorous or stable job, but it’s still a job. If you’re going to shit on these people, you don’t deserve your drunken stack of flapjacks at three in the morning. The same goes for Gas Station attendants, janitors, cabbies, cashiers, waiters, and any other job that can land you under minimum wage. If you don’t respect the person performing a service, you shouldn’t get the service. Period.

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5. It's none of your business, Mr5wift.

Asking people why they're still single.

6. EvilAbdy knows that it's childish to bring up kids.

Asking people when they are having children, or assuming they are if they don't.

What if I don't want kids?
What if they have been having trouble getting pregnant? No one thinks about this stuff and then decides to immediately start dispensing advice. It gets old fast

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7. No belly rubbing at all, stonerplumber.

Rubbing a pregnant womans belly

8. eirinite is looking for the exit signs.

I don't know if this is a regional thing, but around here it's very common to just stop responding to someone if you no longer want to talk to them. You end up nervously talking more because it's such an abrupt end, but they keep on ignoring you. This is very frustrating for obvious reasons, but everyone does it.

"Hey dude, you see that show last night"

"Yeah, that shit was crazy, the bassist pulled off some crazy stunt"


"...Yeah, we don't get a lot of shows like that anymore"

"...[pulls out phone]"

"[confusion and social anxiety intensifies]"

Jeff, you fucking asshole, how tf are you going to bail out a conversation YOU started with ME?

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9. Some people just have no shame, dbear26.

Playing your music at full blast from a speaker when you're in public. Yeah, a lot of people find it annoying but the fact that SO many people can do it and not be embarrassed means it's becoming socially acceptable.

10. strtcr lives in the now.

Taking pictures of everything you do and posting them online.

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11. nachotypicalchick has had it with Karen.

Why do people lick their fingers to separate MY papers at the printer? Maybe I don’t want your saliva on my report, Karen.

12. I don't usually quote Grateanswer but...

"I don't usually make posts on Facebook but.." and proceeds to go into a 5 paragraph political essay.

13. Yaaaaaaaas AlzarriJoseph we should totes hang outttttt!

oh my goooddddd how are youuuuuu so good to see youuuuuu! fake hug

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