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16 people share the family secret they didn't find out until they were older.

16 people share the family secret they didn't find out until they were older.


Every family has it secrets...and unfortunately, many of them darker than the fact that Mom and Dad are actually Santa Claus. A Reddit thread asked, "What’s a secret your family kept from you until you were old enough to understand?" It'll make you want to confront your parents about whether or not you have any secret siblings.

1. "That I have an older half-brother from my dad cheating on my mom before they got married. No one is 'positive' that he’s the dad, but after only meeting him one time I can say with 100% confidence that he is. He is the spitting image of my dad."


2. "How my uncle actually died. My family was really close to him and I was 7 when he died so I was told it was a heart attack. Almost a decade later my parents told me he actually died of a drug overdose."


3. "That my family killed a couple KKK members, so we had to change our last names so they wouldn't find us."


4. "My parents had a forced marriage. Figured out that my older brother was born 6 months after their wedding. All we had to do was a bit of math."


5. "That my father isn't actually dead, he just abandoned me and my mom."


6. "Why I have cousins that look like my twins. My aunt and uncle met at my parents' wedding. My dad's sister.. mom's brother. They hooked up and had two kids. We all look like siblings. It's kinda strange, but I didn't get told until I was probably 10. I just thought we all looked like my grandmother."


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