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27 people share the funny ways they troll scam callers.

27 people share the funny ways they troll scam callers.


We're living in a Golden Age of Phone Scams. According to USA Today, three out of four Americans has been targeted by phone scammers, the aspiring criminals claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, or wanting to speak about 'your car's extended warranty.'

Robocalls attempt to target vulnerable people who aren't savvy enough to spot the 'robo' of it all, but there are dozens of people out there who know how to outsmart spammers, both real and robot.

Comedian Joe Heenan kicked off the thread of people revealing the extra ways they've hung up on scam callers or the creative methods they use to troll them right back.

1. The Mrs. Doubtfire

2. The Panic Attack

3. The Death Case

4. The Shakespearean Route

5. The Doctor's Orders

6. The Toddler Method

7. The Browser Filibuster

8. The Detective

9. The Non-Accident

10. The Gaelic Interrogation

11. The Mr. Brexit

12. The Catheter Maneuver

13. The Revenge

14. The Teapot Serenade

15. The Lead-on

16. The Paradox

17. The Small Talk Segue

18. The Guilty Pleasure

19. The Switch

20. The Embassy

21. The 'Singin' in the Rain'

22. The Password Reset

23. The Hold

24. The Monologue

25. The Corpse

26. The Hard of Hearing Act

27. The Kitty Driver

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