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19 guys share the most unforgettable thing a woman ever said to them.

19 guys share the most unforgettable thing a woman ever said to them.


Guys may act tough, but that doesn't mean they don't love a good compliment. A recent thread on Reddit has men sharing the one thing a woman has said to them that they will never forget.

The replies are wholesome, heartwarming, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Whether it's a friend, partner, or total stranger, everyone deserves some praise once in a while.

Here 19 guys share the most unforgettable thing a woman has ever said to them.


Third grade. She called me cute and kissed my cheek. She moved and I never saw her again. (I miss you Stephanie. You were a great friend and a badass)


'I just want to make you feel the way you make me feel - really happy.' I wish I would have married her. To this day, I hope she's happy.

3. RecentAd2196

'I hope my son grows up to be like you.' Been told to me twice, by two different women. It's been about 7 years, and the memory still feels so fresh. I think I'll never forget those words.

4. d334455

A previous girlfriend said to me: 'you make me a better version of myself'. Didn't work out between us but was the nicest thing someone has said to me

5. CaliforniaBurning

'It won't be the same without you.'

Just a simple text from a friend trying to convince me to come to another friend's birthday dinner. She never knew it, couldn't have known it, but when that text lit up my phone, I was on the literal edge of killing myself. That text made me climb down off the ledge and walk straight to a Thai food restaurant to meet them. I wasn't much fun that night, but I never went back to that ledge or any other.

That was 14 years ago and I still think about it.

6. tomszn96

Like 8 years ago I bought a nice flannel and some vans to match it. I didn’t have a car at the time so I was walking to a buddy’s house, and when I was waiting at a crosswalk a girl was stopped in a car and told me that I looked really good in that outfit.

I still have that flannel and those shoes and even though they are all faded and old now, I feel great wearing them

7. PrettyBoyIndasnatch

'You're the first guy I've ever dated that makes me feel like I could actually spend the rest of my life with one person.'

We didn't get married. We dated for less than 2 years. But it was the best, least dramatic breakup I've ever had, and I wish her well.

I think she did date a few more guys and then got married. I'm happy with my life, and I really hope she's happy with hers too.


'Sorry I fell asleep' A girl I met on the train said it to me after falling asleep on my shoulder for an hour or so.


I moved my senior year of high school and met a girl, and I thought we really hit it off, so I worked up the courage to ask her to a dance. She turned me down, and I was hurt and kind if confused, but we were still getting along well.

One day she shows up with a bunch of cupcakes for her friends. We're all eating together and she passes them out. I bite into mine and there was something in it. I pulled it out and it was a penny wrapped up in a thin strip of paper.

I unravelled it and the paper had a note that said 'If you have any 'cents' you'll go to the dance with me.' Little did I know, it was tradition that the girl ask the guy to this dance, so she had to turn me down because she had this surprise planned already.

That was nearly 30 years ago and I still remember it.

10. slickt0mmy

In high school, I struggled a lot with crippling social anxiety. Right after giving a speech I was really nervous about, I sat back down at my desk and the girl in front of me turned around and said “You’re such a good speaker. I wish I could present like that.”

It’s been 15 years and I still remember that as one of the kindest things anyone’s ever said to me. I don’t know if she knew about my anxiety or not but it meant so much to me either way.

11. Mandragoraune

There are a couple of things. My sister told me she loved my smile as a reaction to an Instagram story I posted smiling after a workout. She said I smiled like I had constipation or something when we were younger and I stopped really smiling after that. But when she told me that, years later when I was older, I started smiling again.

Started getting a lot of compliments for my smile. And I guess I have dimples because those got compliments too.

I'm a lot more confident now.

12. Crabacus

Not sure if this counts- three years ago I started seeing this girl that I matched with on a dating app. After about a month I asked if she wanted to be exclusive. She said yes, but the nervous little insecure worm in my brain thought she seemed trepidatious about it.

So while she was driving home I texted her saying I was sorry if I was coming on too strong and we can totally walk that back and move at whatever pace she’s comfortable. She replied, “honestly, I deleted the app after the first date.”

Nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. We got married this last February. Love of my life.


'You have beautiful eyes. ' As a self conscious teen, I didn't know what to say, but that compliment made me appreciate my eyes more.


I was cycling home after a game of footy, still in my uniform (cleats and all), sweaty from the exercise. A girl cycling the other way looked me up and down with a look that said 'mmm, I'll a have a slice of that cake, thank you very much'. My teammate who was cycling beside me even commented on the look she gave me.

That was 15 years ago, and I'm still riding the high.

15. EnthusiasmFeeling428

I saw my crush with a picture of me and her at our Junior prom on her locked screen. I asked why, because at the time she had a boyfriend. She said: “He [her current boyfriend] asked me the same thing, and I told him I think I’m going to marry you”

She’s now my wife so… there you go lol

16. crookdmouth

She said 'because it's you'. A girl came into the bakery I worked at around 1992. I've never been impulsive or able to ask girls out but she was different. I said I get out of work at noon and we could get a coffee.

We walked and talked the whole day into the evening and we ended up at my apartment. I asked her why she was here alone with a guy she barely knew. She answered with 'because it's you.' I fell in love with her and am still in love with her today.

17. RifleShower

“Never forget I love you. Take good care of the kids.” —My wife before she peacefully died 3 years ago.

18. signalfire

'Be careful where you point that thing, it's lethal' - said about a smile. This led to a 20-year-long relationship.

19. MorbisMIA

'You smell really nice, what are you wearing?' It was the first compliment I had gotten from a stranger in years. It happened maybe 8 years ago. I still remember

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