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Man asks if he was wrong to unveil SIL's offensive nickname during wedding speech.

Man asks if he was wrong to unveil SIL's offensive nickname during wedding speech.


You don't choose your family, but you can certainly make them dislike you. There are times to embarrass your family and times when it might be best to chill. What happens if your family decides to embarrass you at your wedding?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, a man asks if he was wrong to reveal the offensive nickname he has for his new SIL at her wedding.

AITA for referring to my sister-in-law as, “The Shrieker” in my speech at her wedding?

Tell us how you really feel, OP.

Recently my(22M) older brother(24M) got married to his high school sweetheart Sarah. The four of us went to high school together, and I lived in their apartment for two years while I was in college. Since I've known Sarah, we haven’t gotten along. While in high school, I thought she was a huge b*tch. But like it was, high school and teenage girls aren’t known for their kindness and level-headedness.

That's very close to Shrek.

During this period of time, I gave her a nickname behind her back. The name was variations of the word 'Shrieker,' 'Shriek,' 'The Shriek,' and 'Shriek the third.' Things like that. The nickname was for two reasons. One, she was always so angry and screamed at people. She was just a loud girl in general. The other reason is that I shared a wall with them when we lived together. I heard a lot of “shrieking” late at night and the headboard hitting my wall, which was not pleasant.

Big choice for your wedding speech.

I was asked to give a speech at my brother's wedding, and during the speech, I talked about this nickname and why I called her it. Until now, I have told my brother about the nickname but never Sarah. I honestly assumed that my brother would’ve told her.

You did start this off by saying she was a huge b*tch.

He did not. While many people thought the speech I gave was funny, and there were a lot of laughs, even from her side of the new family, she was displeased. She said the speech was humiliating, and I was trying to make her look bad.

What do we think internet?

I honestly wasn’t. I was telling a funny story. Sarah said that I tried to ruin her wedding day. I apologized thoroughly for making her feel that way but attested I wasn’t trying to make her look bad or embarrass her. Just tell a story.


ckb251 thinks OP should prepare for trouble and make it double.

YTA (You're the A**hole) but in a wedding speech in front of both of your families? Double YTA.

M0ONL1GHT87 thinks OP needs to take a course on Critical Feminist Theory.

And he’s a misogynistic AH at that. He gave her that nickname for being “a loud girl”

When have we ever known a boy to get a nickname for being loud? But hey, girls are supposed to be meek and quiet yeah.


Flalawallama thinks OP's comments should've stayed with him.

So you've been making fun of her all this time behind her back and you thought the time to reveal this to her was on her wedding day. Yeah. YTA.

OP, sometimes the mean thoughts should stay inside your head.

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