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14 parents who hilariously overreacted to Halloween.

14 parents who hilariously overreacted to Halloween.


Halloween is an opportunity for children to act like superheroes, wizards, or whatever else they desire. It also appears to be an opportunity for parents to act like total children. Parents spooked by Spooky Season act like total ghouls. Did you know that it's possible to be racist towards lollipops?

1. The neighbor horrified by phallic objects, especially ones that are black:

2. The mom who calls herself the 'switch witch':

3. The dad who thinks the kids who got egged were 'asking for it':

4. This definition of crime:

5. This clarification:

6. The rich parent who demanded their 'affluent neighborhood' give out appropriately high-class candy:

7. The neighbors who gave their neighbors a legitimate scare:

8. The parent deconstructing the 'trick or treat, smell my feet' rhyme:

9. The person who insists that Halloween is about worshipping the devil and not costumes and candy:

10. The parent who wrote a strongly worded letter to a neighbor who had decorations but not candy the precise moment they arrived:

11. The family that thinks trick-or-treating to socialism:

12. The parent who cursed out a lactose intolerant kid:

13. The parent who is ridiculously thirsty for likes:

14. The parents who say kids outside the neighborhood ruin everything for everyone:

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