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16 people who made the most of their last day of work.

16 people who made the most of their last day of work.


Everyone with a job fantasizes about leaving said job, and leaving in spectacular fashion. Whether they left their colleagues something to remember them by or told their bosses how they really feel, these people went out with a bang.

You can just hear the 'what are you going to do, fire me?!'

1. The guy who wore a rainbow-striped suit:

2. The person who stocked up on contraband water:

3. The developer who told everyone to F off:

4. The Target employee who told their former coworkers to unionize:

5. The Footlocker saleswoman who got a picture with Whitney Houston:

6. The banker who dressed up like Spider-Man:

7. The permanent Employee of the Month:

8. The ceiling cleaner with a message:

9. The employee with the farewell basket:

10. The Monty Python fan with a secret message:

11. The friend who hid in the garbage:

12. The worker with a warning:

13. The banana:

14. The pizza lover:

15. The guy who changed all wallpapers to his face:

16. The person who sent this succinct email:

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