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15 survivors share the near-death experiences they almost didn't live to tell.

15 survivors share the near-death experiences they almost didn't live to tell.


Life comes at you fast. One minute you could be totally fine reading some awesome post on the internet and the next you could be fighting for your life in a hospital bed. You truly never know which ordinary moment could be your last.

People on Reddit are sharing their stories of being fine one minute and waking up in a hospital bed the next. These near-death experiences will have you cherishing every moment, even the boring ones.


I was walking to a birthday party. The next thing I knew, I woke up in an ambulance. I had been struck over the head and was knocked unconscious. I never found out who it was, or what they wanted (they didn't take anything from me).

2. Honey_bitch-

When I was around 8 or 9, my parents went to have dinner at a fancy restaurant. My younger brother was at a friends house and I had a babysitter. When I finally fell asleep I woke up in an ambulance.

Turns out my babysitter overdosed me with pills so I wouldn’t wake up whilst she threw a party at my house. She gave me so many I passed out and had a reaction

3. ItsMyView

I had a major heart attack 9 years ago. I was awake up until the point where I flat-lined in the hospital. I woke up a couple of days later on a ventilator. Thankfully, I'm still here.

4. mahade

Went skiing. Woke up a month later. I'm not good at skiing. Wear helmets, guys, mine saved my life.

5. c0cunt

I was maybe 16?

I had asked my mom if we could go look at puppies at a pet store, cause man do I love dogs. There were a lot of really cute dogs, but after being inside for a minute, I felt... Off. Not like, something is extremely wrong, just sorta off.

At this point, I figured I was having an asthma attack, and since my rescue inhaler was in the car, went to go sit down and use it. My mom came out a minute later and started driving me to the hospital bc my breathing wasn't getting better.

Woke up 3 days later in a hospital bed, with my mom and dad sobbing next to me.

Apparently I had a severe allergic reaction. My throat had closed almost completely. The Dr that appeared soon after me waking said that I was extremely lucky, and gave me an EpiPen.

Still don't know what I was allergic to, cause even with insurance, getting allergy tested was wayyyy too expensive. Still is kinda too expensive, still crawling out of medical debt now.

6. LilaJax22

Small bowel obstruction, my neighbor saved me. I went to bed perfectly fine, then apparently I was puking blood and we had massive gaps under our front doors like you could stick your hand under it and they were all studio apartments.

My neighbor walked by my unit walking into hers and said she heard me gurgling and she was pounding on the door and I wasn't responding. She kicked it in, brought me to the hospital (downtown, 2 blocks away) and I woke up 2 weeks later.

Nothing obvious caused it and I lost 110 pounds in 2 weeks. This happened 4 years ago, I've gained about 50 pounds back, but today I am healthy and no longer wake up in fear. It is extremely overwhelming to go to bed, ready to wake up for class the next day, and instead wake up 2 weeks later, having lost over half of your body weight. I think it's fair to say it's a little traumatizing to wake up in an ICU.

7. Half_Smashed_Face

Hit by a van. Woke up about a month later. My last memory before waking up is my 4th-period art class in high school. So it completely erased the last half of the day before and the entire morning of the accident itself.

8. RemarkableWafer

On a business trip in Texas. Me and two co-workers were driving to work, I was in the back passenger seat. Woke up in an ambulance. Got hit by a sprinter van at 50mph and slammed into a guard rail according to the police report.

I don't remember any of it. Broke 7 ribs, collar bone, concussion, and fractured two bones in my neck. Took like 7 months to recover, but my neck and shoulder still bother me daily


I had a severe asthma attack to the point my entire throat closed up. I turned blue and was lying on the kitchen floor. Woke up in my grandad's car with a straw in my throat and him banging on my back. Woke up again in the hospital. I was about seven

10. Nht2

My dad was driving me to school and suddenly I was in my bed! I get up, open my door, and ask my family what just happened! They all simultaneously scream for me to go back to the bed. Apparently I had already asked them what happened six separate times.

I had a series of grand mal seizures during the car ride. Went from chatty to seizing all of a sudden. My dad called our pediatrician and I was eventually diagnosed with a form of epilepsy. My dad was told to take me home and put me to bed.

It was the most disorienting thing I've ever experienced. It took six months to feel normal again. I had a constant sense of newness with familiar things that was very wierd.

11. sandenema

I remember being shitfaced sitting on a jungle gym in a park and then waking up the next morning in the hospital with an IV and catheter.

Apparently I was found in a coma and had multiple organs shutting down. If I hadn't received medical help I would've died.

Am now 3 years sober.


I was in elementary school. I stayed home because I had a light fever one day. I took a nap and woke up 3 days later in the hospital with no feeling in my legs.

I had contracted viral meningitis, which had cut off the nerves to my lower body. I was bedridden for 3 weeks and spent several more weeks in physical therapy relearning how to walk. The horrors I endured during my stay were traumatic enough, but I still feel lucky.

In high school, a fellow classmate had contracted bacterial meningitis, he died two days later.


I was visiting an online friend in Washington state (USA), halfway across the country from me. Was in the washroom one minute, the next I'm on a stretcher in their living room. That's how I learned (as an adult) I had epilepsy.


Someone tossed a rake like a javelin at my face. It impacted right between my eyes and knocked me out cold


I got in a car with a drunk driver. Three days later I woke up in the hospital with the doctors wiping some previously missed glass slivers off my back with baby wipes. It hurt. Apparently, I was awake on and off and even gave the police a full interview. But I don't have the memory past getting in the car, and the baby wipes three days later.

I guess we hit a curb and instead of tapping the brakes, his foot hit the gas. When he finally sorted out that he was pressing the wrong pedal he slammed on the brakes and we drifted into a set of concrete stairs going about 70. No airbags. I have one of those 'lucky to be alive' stories according to most.

Months later the damage to my carotid artery healed and the scar tissue essentially sealed it off. I had a stroke. Don't drink and drive. Wear your seatbelt.

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