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17 posts from the worst bosses ever.

17 posts from the worst bosses ever.


A workplace is like a family...the boss has the capacity to make people's lives miserable. There are some truly awful bosses out there who treat their employees horribly, and they deserve to be called out. These posts will make you want to reach out to the workers to give them a hug....and money.

1. This extremely unsympathetic boss:

2. The boss who hates emoji.

3. The boss who doesn't understand how death works.

4. The boss who wants to smell stinky poop.

Remote file

5. The boss who doesn't even pretend to care.

6. The boss who would like you to reschedule COVID.​​​​​​

7. The boss who doesn't check before they shred.

8. The boss who hands out hall passes.

9. The boss who rations electricity.

10. The boss who charges for water.

11. The boss who can't make up their mind.

12. The boss who doesn't care for COVID.

13. The boss who parks like this.

14. The boss who rhymes.

15. The boss who has zero humanity.

16. The boss who doesn't kniw who works for them.

17. The boss so petty they pay up in pennies (say that ten times fast).

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