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Woman asks if she's wrong to not give sister baby gift because of 'horrible name.'

Woman asks if she's wrong to not give sister baby gift because of 'horrible name.'


This 'Am I The A**hole?' story involves a woman who named her daughter Isis, and she's surprisingly not the one asking the question.

Artist shesheshe0 is a cool aunt, making woodburned plaques for all her nieces and nephews featuring their names and birthdays. It's become a family tradition that she threatened to break if her sister named her kid something awful, and her sister does have terrible taste. The sister named her firstborn Isis, and at five years old, the niece is younger than the notorious terrorist group.

The concerned aunt wrote:

I (33F) am currently hosting my pregnant sister (29F) and niece at my house. My sister is almost 8 months along, and her husband works in a healthcare field, so we decided it would be safer for her to stay with me for the time being.

My sister is known for having a questionable taste in names. She named my five year old niece Isis, and she was planning to give the new baby and equally bad name. I won’t put it here for privacy reasons, but think along the lines of “Divine Nova” or “Quartz.” Just ridiculous.

For the sake of Baby Marijuana, Topaz, or whatever the kid's name will be, the Original Poster felt the need to intervene:

We were chilling last night after the kids went to bed, and that’s when she told me the name. I reminded her how hurt she always is when people comment on Isis’ name, and how even my niece has picked up on it (she goes by another name at kindergarten). I talked to her about how kids with bad names can suffer in the labor market.

She still wasn’t budging, so I told her I wouldn’t make a name plaque for baby if she chose that name. For my nieces and nephews, I usually wood burn a nice plaque with the name and DOB, and it becomes a treasure as they get older. I love doing it, and I think my sister was shocked. She said if I felt that strongly about the name, she’d rethink it.

AITA? I feel a bit bad for holding a gift over her head, but I just want to protect my niece-to-be from having to answer to a horrible name. My husband (who wasn’t there) thinks I went to far and is siding with my sister.

This lead to an interesting discussion, because the issue of whether it's a sister's place to intervene with such a personal decision is truly a matter of opinion.

NachosPeligroso believes that the outcome of a baby being named Amethyst or Terrorist should be avoided at all costs.

'NTA (Not The A**hole). Giving your kid a 'unique' name is just straight horrible. You don't have to support it by making a gift honoring it,' they wrote.

MadMunky5B5 went with 'Everybody Sucks Here.'

'It's kinda sh*tty of you to withhold what could be a family heirloom because you disagree with the name she gave the kid,' they commented. 'But she also sucks for putting that on her kid, growing up with a strange/non-sense name sucks for the kid because kids suck and will make fun of whatever is the easiest target.'

Ten_before_six, on the other hand, told the OP to back off: 'YTA (You're The A**hole). mind your damn business and don't emotionally blackmail people.'

At the end of the day, whatever the name is, it can't be as bad as Isis.

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