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Bride asks if she's wrong for not inviting fiancé's stepsister to wedding.

Bride asks if she's wrong for not inviting fiancé's stepsister to wedding.


Small weddings can still lead to big drama.

A Facebook post that made its way to the subreddit Wedding Shaming is inspiring a debate over whether or not this bride is a Bridezilla.

The groom's new stepmom doesn't speak English well (according to the bride), so the groom's dad asked if the stepmother's daughter be invited so she has someone to talk to.

So I'm really just frustrated with something and I need to know if I'm being rude and unthoughtful for it or if I'm in the right. So my fiancé's dad just got married last summer to this woman who we [barely] know. She goes to family events and holidays but doesn't really talk to any of us because she doesn't speak good English (not being rude just putting out all the facts).

She has two kids (I think) that we are also not close with. They kind of just show up places and don't talk to anyone but each other. Which has been fine until now. We didn't invite either of her kids to the wedding because we didn't know them that well and they both live out of state and we are trying to keep numbers low.

Obviously we invited Brad's dad and his wife but his dad texted him yesterday and asked if we would invite her daughter (not her son/both kids).

I got kind of mad because he put us in an uncomfortable position but I don't personally want people at my SMALL wedding that I don't know. His dad told him that she is flying in at some point and we should invite her so she basically has something to do and his wife has someone to talk to.

I'm really frustrated because this is the 4th person that has asked us to invite someone we [barely] know/who we didn't intend to invite to our wedding. I'm getting very upset!

A sassy comment on the Facebook post criticized the bride for not wanting to invite the step-sister-in-law.

People on Reddit, however, were more sympathetic.

'Bride is being perfectly reasonable. She’s a plus one, can’t she talks to the person who brought her? The Bride shouldn’t have to pay for more people that she barely knows, unless that woman wants to front the bill then absolutely not,' TheNorthernQueen wrote.

'It being a small wedding they’ve probably had to exclude some people that they do want there so it can feel rude when someone pressures you into inviting someone you don’t know (sounds like multiple people have been asking this of the bride),' Stormhawk558 commented. 'Small weddings, especially with Covid, are tough enough without people feeling entitled to being there with whoever they want to bring with them.'

'It’s about the bride and groom getting married, not about the stepmom feeling comfortable. 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 Can’t the stepmom talk to her husband??? 🤣' MysticalOversoul put it.

For the couple and the step-sister, it's either going to be an awkward wedding, or an awkward Christmas.

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