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Woman drains back account after argument with husband about money.

Woman drains back account after argument with husband about money.


Money ruins everything. Having enough money to survive is a stressful experience for so many people. Financial stress can put a strain on even the most healthy of relationships. If you had an unemployed partner, would that cause stress in your relationship?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole Subreddit, we see one couple deal with the financial strain of one person working while they make snarky comments about the other one not having a job.

AITA for pulling all my money from the account after he refused to stop making comments about me getting a job?

OP and her husband have very different work ethics.

30F, and I'm currently unemployed for the first time since I was 15. Even before when I would switch jobs, I already had employment lined up, so there was never a break between paychecks. My husband will have dry spells where he won't work for some months, get a job, and hardly ever sticks with it for more than six months before he quits and takes a 'break.'

If you know of remote work, please let OP know.

I didn't quit my last job. The company went belly up and didn't tell us until people came in and shut us down. I've been without a 'steady' income for one month, but I've been searching endlessly.

Recently, my husband's engine blew up, so now he takes my car to work and leaves me stranded at home. So now I need something from home, and it's damn near impossible (if you know of anything remote entry level that doesn't require degrees, please let me know).

OP has more money saved than I do.

Currently, my husband works Mon-Fri 8-4 and gets a pay raise/promotion two weeks ago. Since he got his promotion, he has been breathing down my neck about me getting a job. He sees all the applications I've sent out and comments on them as if that will help the situation.

I currently have $8600 sitting in the bank from my last job, which would pay our rent for eight months, so his comments are starting to piss me off.

Get a job! But not with me!

I've told him several times to get off my case. I've even suggested I go and work with him because he is taking my car and making things impossible, and he doesn't think it's a good idea.


My husband started with the whole 'my money' argument but only when it was convenient for him. When my husband refers to taxes, it's 'our' money (I get significantly more back than he does), but when it comes to other sh*t, he says, 'my money this, my money that,' and it only just started when he got the promotion.

He had no problem living off my money though the entire time he was unemployed because that was 'our' money.

Instead of a stash of money, I have a stash of cookies.

As I said, I have money stashed, so I don't need sh*t from him. But he made a comment the other day saying, 'You need a f**king job,' and it was the last straw for me, so I took my car and left to go withdraw every penny I had in the bank account and stick it in an account he can't touch.

That left him over $900 because the rest of the thousands were mine. He flips out and says I'm financially controlling when in all actuality, it's him. AITA?

MetalLady86 says:

'You know what? Tomorrow I'll drive around and hand out resumes using MY car. Then I'll take MY money and find a place to stay because I'm not interested in a relationship where I'm supportive when you don't have a job for months on end, and you're an a**hole right back the second I'm without one. Enjoy YOUR money and YOUR car.'

NTA (Not the A**hole).

TR_Irisden says:

Keep your money in your account and take your car back too. If he wants to play the “mine” game like a temper tantrum-ing two-year-old, show him how much is his.


cmogrady13 says:

NTA and good for you. Keep your money separate and only pay for your portion of things, and also take back your car since you know it’s yours. If he’s going to pull the my money game, he can suck it up and buy his own car.

OP sometimes husbands need to learn lessons about what is 'mine', also sometimes writers need to learn how to save money...can you teach me?

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