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Woman asks if she was would be wrong to call cops on MIL for kidnapping dog.

Woman asks if she was would be wrong to call cops on MIL for kidnapping dog.


Dogs are man's best friends unless you're allergic to the dog (or a cat person). Then dogs become man's worst enemy. Even so, most people can learn to coexist with dogs. Unless, of course, your mother-in-law feels entitled to your space and hates dogs. What would you do if your MIL got rid of your dog without permission?

We see how one woman reacts on a popular Reddit thread in the Am I the A**hole Subreddit, where a woman asks if she would be wrong to press charges on her MIL for kidnapping her dog.

WIBTA for pressing charges on my MIL after she drove my dog into another town to get rid of him?

Ahh yes, the one thing both mothers-in-law and dogs love is gardens.

My MIL, (58F), who we’ll call M, LOVES my (28F) garden. However, she sneaks into it and loves to read books, have picnics, and pick flowers. I’m perfectly fine with this; it’s just that my dog, who will be called D, also loves being in the garden. He poops, plays runs around, and lays in the garden.

But classically MILs and dogs are mortal enemies.

This would be fine; it’s just that M is allergic to dogs. I tell her I’m letting D out to play or use the restroom, but she refuses to leave, saying that “that dog can wait” or “I’m allergic!” stuff like that.

I feel like you can just walk your dog tbh?

My husband doesn’t mind having the dog use a grass mat to use the restroom, but it’s become a problem when the whole room smells like dog poop. Many guests complain of the smell, and even when I scrub the mat with lots of soap, scrub the floors, wash my dog, and spray the air with an air freshener, the odor still comes back. I let my dog go outside to do his business to combat this.

Textbook way to not get what you want.

M hates this. I explained the situation and told her she’s no longer welcome if my dog is a health concern for her. She went INSANE. She started screaming and yelling, saying she was entitled to be in the garden. I just told her to leave.

You have to teach your dogs about stranger danger folks.

The following day, I went to feed D, and when I realized I couldn’t find him, I frantically searched everywhere, but still, D was gone. I called my husband, whose been in Florida the past week, to see if the cameras we have outside caught anything (I'm stupid and don’t know the password to access them), and he said that D got in the car with M and they sped off.

Wow, this is up there for the worst MIL of the year award.

I was PISSED. I hopped in my car and drove to M’s house to see what happened, and apparently, she TOOK MY DOG TO THE POUND. This psycho stole my dog and drove it to a pound 30 minutes away. I called the pound and the police. The next thing I knew, I was being yelled at by all my relatives on social media and thinking of pressing charges.

Infamous-Wasabi-9007 thinks OP should go further.

You would not be the AH if you pressed charges. She earned them.

You would not be the AH if you got a restraining order forcing your MIL to stay 200 yards away from your home. She earned that too.

It is your home, your dog's home. It is not her home.

SweS3 is questioning how severe this allergy is.

Is she really allergic??! If so, how was she able to be with the dog in the car for the duration of the drive?? NTA (Not the A**hole). Save your dog. Also, please give us an update on what the fallout is

Radio_Caroline79 thinks there is no age limit to when someone should learn actions have consequences.


I call bs on the allergy claims. She's outside in a garden, and the dog that does his business outside and lays there for a while triggers her allergies? I'm severely allergic to dogs, and I can't imagine it bothers her outside.

I would sooner assume she has an allergic reaction to the pollen. And then she loads him in the car for a 30-mile drive. So her allergies suddenly are not bad enough to sit in a closed, confined space with him for 30 min? Your garden, dog, and rules tell your MIL to pound sand. She willfully put your dog in danger—press charges. Actions have consequences.

Usually, I'd say snitches get stitches, OP, but I don't know sometimes stitches are worth it.

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