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Woman asks if she was wrong to cancel husband's 'bro trip' over IVF jokes.

Woman asks if she was wrong to cancel husband's 'bro trip' over IVF jokes.


When you get married, you hope your partner enjoys your friends' company. Unfortunately, your partner doesn't have to like them. They really don't have to like your friends if they are mean to your partner. What would you do if you wanted to go on a trip with your friends, but your partner didn't like them, so they didn't give you the money for it?

This situation plays out in a popular Reddit thread in the Am I The A**hole subreddit, where a woman asks if she was wrong not to pay for her husband's trip to hang with his friend, who constantly comments on their inability to get pregnant.

AITA for refusing to give my husband money to go on the trip that his friend excluded me from?

A little boys club.

My f35 husband m33 has a friend m32 'Austin' that he's known from college. They're like brothers and together they extended their friend group, now the group has over 7 guys who hang out together all the time.

It wouldn't be a boys club without a jerk.

Austin and I don't get along. He seems to be mocking my infertility and brings it up occasionally. It hurts because I've always wanted children, and for him to make it a constant topic of conversation hurts. My husband thinks it's just me being hypersensitive.

Leave boy's club at the door before having dinner!

Anyway. About a month ago, Austin and I got into a fight after he commented on my infertility by saying that I should hurry up and give HIM a nephew/niece because 'my biological clock is ticking.' We were planning on going on a trip together, but Austin disinvited me because I yelled at him for what he said and 'ruined' his dinner. I said I was perfectly OKAY with that; in fact, I felt so much relief that I no longer had to be around him.

Boy's club should start a GoFundMe.

For the first time, my husband was okay with me being away from Austin but said he still wanted to go on that trip. I said nothing till he told me he still expects me to pay for his travel expenses. I refused and said he was on his own. He started an argument about how I was doing this to punish him for not staying home with me and told me that my issue was with Austin, not him. I told him he could get the money elsewhere, but he's unable to borrow any more money and add to his debts after he got fired in May.

Boy's clubs should marry each other.

He insisted, and I refused. He started calling me spiteful and unfair for refusing to pay for his travel expenses to get him to stay home with me. He said his relationship with Austin is more significant than just a few comments Austin made and bigger than my exaggerated sensitivity and insecurity. Now he's sulking until I cave in and give him the money. AITA for insisting on not paying?

MadForestSynesthesia is not here for weak men.

NTA (Not the A**hole). I'd consider leaving my partner over crap like that. I'm sure you have other stories here. PS do not pay a dime for him.

Academic_Snow_7680 should start writing bars for Drake.

OP's husband is closer with Austin than with OP and values the bromance more than the romance. It is obvious that Austin resents OP being around since her only role was supposed to be a breeder, now she's just competition for hubby's affections. I don't see how anyone would want to stay in a marriage where you've been told that the marriage is secondary to the husband's relationship with his 'bro.'

HeartpineFloors has made it clear to us.

NTA, Am I understanding this correctly—your husband is unemployed, in debt to the point where he has no remaining credit, and he wants you to bankroll his vacay with someone who is an AH to you? Wow.

OP, I don't think I will ever top that your husband 'values the bromance more than the romance' this man sucks, and so does Austin. You can do better.

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