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16 women who married young share the pros and cons.

16 women who married young share the pros and cons.


As the wise poet Taylor Swift sings, "when you are young, they assume you know nothing."

While some cultures encourage people to marry young, others are skeptical of young couples and consider them to be naive. A Reddit thread got to the heart of this question by asking the people who know best: women who have had this experience.

"Women who got married young (early 20s), what are the pros and cons of this decision?" it asked.

There were plenty of insights whose marriages are still intact...

1. You sacrifice space.

Con: I’ve never lived alone. There have only been three years of my life I’ve had my own bedroom.

Pro: everything we have we built together. There’s no his and hers, it’s all (good and bad) ours. We are a team! We’ve been together more than half our lives (which I suppose could go in cons too). -queenoreo

2. But space can be lonely.

Pros: getting to live with and be married to my best friend earlier in life.

Cons: as you grow older you really can change drastically and sometimes that you may not be as compatible anymore. I am a totally different person now and I have a completely different outlook on life, but thankfully it causes no issues between me and my husband. We grew together I think, but that’s not always the case with young couples.-OverallDisaster

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