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16 funny posts about doing group projects for school.

16 funny posts about doing group projects for school.


They say that 'teamwork makes the dream work,' but that's only if every member of the team does, in fact, work. Anyone who has ever been in a group knows that there is always at least one person who slacks off and expects the rest of the team to cover for them.

The conscientious students often do to protect their own grades, but they're not afraid to put the slackers on blast.

1. At least she finally reached him.

2. Just write what you're supposed to write, dammit.

3. Whatever it takes.

4. Court is his alibi for skipping class.

5. 'Shanksss.'

6. The more you know...

7. Amen.

8. *SpongeBob narrator voice* Three hours later...

9. Nice try.

10. Congrats!

11. As entitled as it gets.

12. You know the feeling.

13. Just in time.

14. The master's student is no master.

15. Murdered by words.

16. The best way to honor Grandma is by doing your work instead of partying.

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