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19 people reveal their biggest regrets or worst mistakes in life so far.

19 people reveal their biggest regrets or worst mistakes in life so far.


Regret is often an unhelpful feeling as it's impossible to travel back in time and redirect your life path to the moment when you didn't decide to date the wrong person or take the dead end job...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is one thing you regret doing in life?' people were ready to share their biggest mistakes, bad choices, or overall moments of remorse.


Not ending bad/unhealthy/unfulfilling relationships sooner - Superseriouslyguys


Going to college before I had the slightest idea what I wanted to do with my life. - Mysterious_Shake2894


So, this is gonna sound kinda dumb, but I kinda wish I had acted out a bit more. Taken more risks, gotten in trouble more, explored and pushed my boundaries.

I was pretty sheltered growing up and really wanted to be this good person. It created a lot of conflicting feelings for me. It also contributed to me avoiding doing some stuff cause I thought it'd be bad for me.

Now that I'm older and worked through some of those issues, I feel like I missed out on a lot of stuff other people got in their teens and 20s. I'm now at a point where I'm exploring that, but most people my age have already gone through it. I just feel like I'm trying to 'catch up''with everybody. - animewhitewolf


Not believing in myself. I spent too much time allowing other people’s beliefs to become my own which stopped me (personally) from pursuing what I wanted for myself. I got caught up in the “it’s too hard, I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough” mentality that others around me had and adopted it for myself.

I quit college when I was young and got into hustle culture where I let a lot of people convince me that college is too hard and that it’s a waste of time. However, I’m proud to say that in 7 days, I’m graduating with my Bachelors degree at the age of 30 and it’s only up from here!

I never thought this day would come and it’s finally here!! For anyone here who’s weighed down by these regrets, It’s never too late. I believe in you - suavemami


I regret more that I haven't done, than what I have. - tranquilrage73


Not taking care of my teeth - pudzey7


I wish I had traveled in my youth. I've seen so little of the world. - TECrec008


I have many. What age range are we talking here?

Under 18/teen years: wasting money, not reading more, and not trying in school.

Twenties: wasting money, how I treated a lot of people in my life at the time, and gaining a significant amount of weight (I've since lost but still)

Thirties: mostly I could have been a better partner to my now-wife

Here's hoping my 40's are much better! - lokcal


I'm 61 and I spent most of my life full of anxiety. I wish I had found more joy. - dalekaup


Smoking. 20 years spent on expensive, self-fed poison. Biggest regret of my life, by far. - Itsprobablysarcasm


Mentally exhausting myself at work for companies that turned out to not care about me or value my work. - fpuni107


Overthinking my way out of potentially rewarding choices - mmmmike1590


Not following my dreams and ended up sitting behind a desk for 30 years...of course, I'm currently on Reddit sitting behind my desk. So, there's that. - CatOnTheHill


Not putting myself out there enough. I probably missed out on a lot of opportunities because I'm so self conscious. Working on this though! - Fife_Flyer


I regret making friends with people who i knew were bad for me just because it was easier than becoming friends with good people. Now I don't have many solid friends - misswallflowerr


Gonna say this and I am never gonna say it again. I regret not putting some distance between myself and my family members.If I had done that I believe I would have had a different life. - DropExciting6408


In my younger years, being afraid of aging and caring what people thought about me. Here I am at 54 and enjoying my best life ever. Who knew? Certainly not 20-something year old me! - paulabear203


Worrying so much about find a partner or love. Like those are lovely things. But like… overstated. There’s a lot to the world and life besides love. When it hits it’s a hit punch for sure, but so are breaking your own barriers and reaching your own goals. Life is not about finding your person. It’s about finding yourself - f*ckboireject


Wasting time worrying about people that never spared me a single thought. - Eborys

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