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12 people share their 'flexes' that are so rare it's like winning the lottery.

12 people share their 'flexes' that are so rare it's like winning the lottery.


You have to be extremely lucky to win the lottery. The odds are almost 1 in 14 million. Some people have won lotteries in other forms, such as scarce talents, life events, and diseases that doctors have never seen before. While those things may not be as great as winning the lottery, they make for unique brags at parties.

Users share their rare brags on a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit.

1. Shonuff8 says:

Ten thousand people have booed me at once. I know more people have booed athletes and celebrities, but I’m neither. I was randomly picked out of the crowd at an NBA game to attempt a 3-point shot to win everyone a free pizza. I bricked it.

2. WhatAmI111 says:

I got picked up in a white van as a child by a stranger to get a lift to somewhere five minutes away; I was in the back of the van for half an hour, then they opened the door at the place I was trying to go. To this day, I'm not sure, but I think a pedophile changed his mind.

3. DoIReallyNeedAnAcc says:

I can get rid of hiccups on demand. Like without fail, if I have hiccups, I can just think about it, and they go.

4. Money_Pomegranate_51 says:

I can always pick the exact right size container to put leftovers in.

5. slavnar95 says:

In the 90s, I worked in customer service for an airline ticket seller. They just started a website (this was like 97 or so), and I was in their first internet customer service agent training. Didn't learn a thing.

As I was doing the job, I realized I was getting the same questions repeatedly. The standard procedure was to email back and have to type out the same message again and again. So I, being the young, tech-savvy guy (very few of us back then), just made a window file, typed out the responses, and then cut and pasted when I got those emails.

So most customer service agents did maybe 30-40 emails a day. I was doing 200-250. I was doing so many that when the big wigs were visiting the call center, the COO came to talk with me and asked me how I could answer as many customers as I was.

Dumb young me explained what I had done creating canned responses for the company. She asked me to email my list to her. I did, and soon the entire company was using it. I didn't get any credit, money, or a promotion. Nada. I left that place about a month later cause I was 18 and hated the hours.

6. blubonobo says:

I got these $350.00 shoes for $ 15.00 at the Salvation Army.

7. DonkeymanPicklebutt says:

I have donated over 15 gallons of blood!

8. bananamarie4 says:

I have a blue mole. Everyone thinks I somehow got a blue highlighter mark on my forehead.

9. liscbj says:

I can tell myself what time I need to wake up and I will awaken within 1 minute of that time without an alarm.

10. Setantaoceillaigh says:

A tree fell on me in 2021, broke my ribs and spine, and popped my lungs. I dragged myself out and survived long enough, slowly drowning in my blood (and internally bleeding out), to be found and get airlifted to a trauma ward. So I got almost as much metal grafted to my bones as wolverine though I don't flex much because I got so much metal making me rather stiff and rigid.

11. nyxtor says:

I have four nipples.

12. yekirati says:

I had to take an IQ test when I was being evaluated for ADHD, and apparently, I am in the 99th percentile in spatial reasoning. I can’t do math or talk well, but I can pack the sh*t out of a suitcase!

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