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16 postal workers share the weirdest ways that people have answered their doors.

16 postal workers share the weirdest ways that people have answered their doors.


People do the darndest things to postal workers. Delivering mail may not sound like the most interesting job in the world, but the people you deliver to are the ones that make it interesting.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, postal workers share some of their most interesting client stories.

They write:

1. Mcshiggs says:

Naked dude soaking wet, wearing nothing but a Cracker Barrel apron. First time ok, second time, something is going on here.

2. Suitable-Anxiety9289 says:

One lady opened the door and pissed her pants in front of me while she signed, and her boyfriend not so discreetly filmed it from behind her.

3. trundlinggrundle says:

I once delivered pizza to a rager. Not a stack of pizzas to a normal party, a single pizza to a huge party riot. Like, cars parked on the lawn, guys throwing up off the balcony, people fighting in the living room, and hundreds of beer cans all over the place.

I ask for Amy, who ordered it, and everyone points me in different directions. Eventually, I find this girl doing three feet bong rips on the back porch. She looks at me and says, 'Oh, sh*t, my pizza,' then hands me a crumpled-up $100 bill and tells me to keep the change.

As I get in my car, a guy runs up and asks me to do a beer run. I say I have to get back, and he says 'ok, what if I pay you?' Then he gives me $20 for running him down the street to the gas station.

4. Apprehensive-Ad4244 says:

I was breastfeeding my baby and heard a knock at the door. Put my boobs away. I answered the door. Afterward, I look down and realize one boob is still out. Have to hand it to the guy; he didn't look down once

5. ApprehensiveGlass658 says:

When I was 13, I was sent to the neighbors to get my brother and tell him to come home. The guy opened the door, naked, glitter coming out of his pubes. He had a towel covering his goods. I asked him if my brother was there and thankfully, he said no.

6. JayneDoe6000 says:

Not a postman but one of our salesmen presented a proposal to a client while the client was RECEIVING AN ENEMA FROM A HOME HEALTH NURSE IN THEIR LIVING ROOM.

7. slytherinprolly says:

I am not a postal worker but I did used to be a public defender. I once had a client who got into the habit of always greeting his postal worker and the UPS and FedEx delivery drivers, completely naked and fully erect. That is also why he was my client. I had him plea out.

8. ray_zhor says:

Very attractive married woman would call our service when her husband was out of town. The regular driver would show up for a booty call. One day I was covering his route and she showed up at the door fresh out of the shower with a house coat she carried instead of wearing. Surprised to see me instead of the other guy, she exclaimed, 'sorry, no pick up today.'

9. atlas_eater says:

Not a postman, but I work for a Utility. We had an electrical issue with a Transformer that needed to be changed due to PCB content and overloading. So I knocked on all the doors of the houses where we needed to switch the power off to replace the transformer.

I knocked on one door and waited, I heard a bunch of coughing and scuttling around, finally a man came to the door, and when it opened, a massive cloud of bong smoke came pouring out.

I told him I was with the power company and would probably shut off his electricity for an hour at most.

The guy responded, 'No man, our power is on, and we’ve had no issues. Thanks for stopping by and checking, though.'

I tried again to tell him I was turning it off, and he would be without power for about an hour. He again thanked me for checking in but said his power was on, and he experienced no problems.

I just said, ok, great, and went and notified the other customers. When we finally turned the power off, this guy comes out of his house into our work site and asked if we were with the power company. I responded that we were, and he asked if we could come to check out his place because he had no electricity.

He didn’t recognize me or remember our conversation from 15 minutes before, so I’m not sure what else was in that bong or if this guy was just perma baked, but goddamn, was he out of it.

10. DeathByFlambe says:

I worked for a laundry delivery service and had a pretty regular route, so I saw many of the same customers pretty often. One guy would regularly answer the door in his old, saggy underwear. I never reacted until I asked some co-workers if they’d ever experienced that with him. (Our service sent text messages to the client with the driver’s name, so you could pretty much guess if they would be male or female.)

100% of the men said no, and 100% of the women said yes. The next time I delivered to him, I looked at his crotch, then back into his face, and did a hard eye roll while tsk-ing audibly. Never did it to me again.

11.Strange_Stage1311 says:

Used to be a paper boy and this one meth-addicted woman answered the door in a bathrobe and her right boob came out to say hi.

12. shyguysam says:

In a previous life, I delivered pizzas part-time and once delivered to an apt, I rang, got buzzed in, arrived at the door, and knocked. I heard 'doors open' and some rather rhythmic squeaking. So, I nervously open the door; step into the hallway, turn the corner, and there on the sofa, some guy is giving it hard to I assume his GF.

He doesn't even look up or break the rhythm; she looks over his shoulder and says, 'Money is on the table, thanks!' I take the money, and as I'm leaving, I hear, 'Pizzas here, hurry up, I'm starving' I managed to hold it together until I got in the elevator, then nearly pissed myself laughing once the doors closed.


Did door-to-door sales for about a week when I was young and broke. Had an attractive woman answer the door wearing nothing but a very tiny bikini bottom.

I thought I was about to get lucky, but it turned out her husband dared her to do it. They thought I was selling Jesus and wanted to f*ck with me. Still, I got an eye full of the nicest boobs I'd seen to that point in my life.

14. Inside_Proof says:

Not a Postman, but I had a Furry (dressed up as a wolf/husky) answer the door as my 'initiation' job when I was a carpet technician. I had to steam clean the carpets in their Furry Fandom room. My coworkers were laughing their a** off when I came back to the office.

15. pulsebomb says:

My husband was a mailman for years before we met and has some stories. My personal favorite is the guy who’d meet him at the top of the stairs in a bathrobe (husband then could see his balls).

He’d then offer my husband a bottle of water and ask him if he wanted to come in for a massage. Unsurprisingly, he declined the dude’s offer every time.

16. Ok_Affect_4507 says:

I am a firefighter and one night we got dispatched for an alarm activation called in by an outside alarm company. It was a late night call (probably 1 or 2 am). Upon arrival nobody was outside of the listed address, but I noticed a few lights on in the windows so after double checking the address we knocked on the door.

The door was opened by guy wearing nothing but boxers and a female wearing a towel behind him. We spoke to the two residents and they said they didn't have any alarms go off but offered to let us in to check out their system. So me, being the young fireman I am went inside following the male. That is when I noticed a tail coming out of his boxers and very quickly realized he wasn't waddling because of an injury.

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