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Boss refuses to train new employee; says, 'only talk to me in an emergency.'

Boss refuses to train new employee; says, 'only talk to me in an emergency.'


Training for a new job is sometimes the worst part of starting a job. You may feel like every question you have is stupid. For instance, how do I do this, what happens if this breaks, what is coffee?

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, a new employee gets told not to bother her boss unless it's an emergency, and they comply.

They write:

Many years ago, I was working one of my first jobs in a little cafe, nearing the end of my training period. It was a quiet day, perfect to put the newbie on with only one experienced staff member. The experienced staff member called in sick.

The boss had to come in and cover until 'Sue' could come in early. The boss wanted to use the time on site to do paperwork out the back.

'I'll be in here if you have any questions.' I very annoyingly had a lot of questions; How to void an incorrect transaction, where to find more special paper for the credit card machine, and what to do when the coffee grinder stopped working.

Finally, my boss said, 'I'm busy! Don't bother me unless it's an emergency! Let me know when Sue is here.' Shyly I replied, 'That's what I came to tell you; Sue just arrived.'

'Great. Any more questions, ask her.' Sue took over the coffee area and got me on restocking, clearing tables, emptying the bins, and other necessary grunt work. I went out to the outside bins through the little staff parking area and saw my boss' car with the headlights still on.

I returned to my boss's office, 'Boss...' 'IS IT AN EMERGENCY!?' Boss snapped. '...not to me,' I replied. 'THEN GO AWAY!' I left quickly. I went to tell Sue instead. 'Sue....' Then I changed my mind. 'Boss doesn't want to be disturbed unless it's an emergency. So I'm supposed to ask you if I have more questions.'

Sue and I worked pleasantly until the end of my shift a few hours later. As I gathered my things to leave, Boss ran by me, knocking me a bit. Without turning around to see if I was OK, Boss said, 'Sorry, I'm in a rush.'

I slowed down to see what happened next, getting out my brick of a phone to text my mother I was on my way home. I could hear my boss swearing and then calling for me.

Boss realized that was what I was trying to tell them earlier. I was in trouble. 'Can you bring your car in and give me a jump start? My battery is flat.' 'I walked here. I live ten minutes walk up the hill' I raced off before they could blame me. The next time I was on shift with Sue, I asked what had happened to Boss.

'Headlights left on. Got a flat battery. The boss tried to jump-start it with my car, but it didn't work. Had to call a taxi... Funny that neither of us noticed the lights were on when we walked by it.' I realized she had to have seen it when she walked in. I can only imagine why she didn't say anything, either.

The internet has some quips.

Cringe3334 says:

Does she know? She knows.

Fast_Fee517 says:

Job well done by you. You followed the boss’s instructions perfectly. It wasn’t an emergency to you, and he didn’t want to be bothered.

the_greek_italian says:

Sue sounds like a great influence. She rubbed off on you.

OP, your boss seemed like they had some bad karma headed their way from the start.

Sources: Reddit
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