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Customer loses service after delivery driver maliciously complies with his demand.

Customer loses service after delivery driver maliciously complies with his demand.


Being a delivery driver isn't an easy job. It requires you to wake up early to start your route and perhaps drive till late in the evening, depending on traffic and what happens that day. Not to mention that customers can be irate if you show up late for your delivery. It's a thankless job, so remember to treat the folks that deliver your products with respect.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, one delivery driver has a customer that has no regard for his crime and learns a valuable lesson from that.

The driver writes:

In 1999, I got a driving job delivering meat in Southern California. It was a tough job dealing with traffic, and my schedule was always tight, with 16-20 deliveries each day to local markets. I was mostly given inner city routes with markets with limited space for mid-size delivery trucks.

One of my weekly stops was a small market owned and run by Ali. Ali was always scheduled to be my 5th or 6th stop and would always complain to me about why I would show up that late (after 9 am each time); he said he wanted to be the first one of the day. I told him I knew he opened each day after 8:00 am each weekday and that I start my route at about 6:15 am, plus I don’t schedule my course.

If he wanted to ensure he was the first delivery of the day, he would have to call 'Steve' our delivery route supervisor. Ali called Steve because the next week, I received special instructions: Make sure Ali’s Market is your first delivery of the day.

I had my usual number of stops that day, about 18, and I knew they all would be pushed back at least two hours because I knew Ali won’t open until 8 am and would not open the rear door until an hour later.

I began driving at my usual time and arrived at Ali’s market 15 minutes later; Ali’s market was closed, and I had my orders; I will make sure Ali’s market is the first one of the day. I park and wait. 8:00 came, and Ali showed up. He drove his old Benz around the back of my truck, parked, and walked inside through the back door.

He was busy pretending to supervise the cashier, intentionally ignoring me, so I walked to the meat counter at the back. I wait for him to open the front, and he ignores me. The guy told me he was not allowed to take deliveries and that I had to wait for Mr. Ali. At this point, I could have gone to make two or three deliveries and then returned, but I had my very specific order.

As I walked towards the front to exit the market, I grabbed a newspaper, paid for it, and then told Ali, who was standing there looking at me, 'let me know when you are ready to take your order; you know where I parked.' Ali didn’t say a word.

He was taking revenge for all these years for his small city market not being the #1 priority of a meat distributor who delivered beef, pork, chicken, cheese, and other refrigerated products from over 12 distribution points throughout the United States.

Steve arrived at his desk right after 10 am, and the first thing he saw on his computer screen was an alert of my truck sitting inert for 4 hours. He called me all in a rage, demanding I explain to him why my truck was sitting for all that time; I explained that I was following his order to ensure I delivered to Ali’s market first.

Steve hung up and called Ali; whatever Steve told Ali made Ali get his whiny butt out of his cr*ppy little market and take delivery of his meat order, about 14 boxes of the product if I recall correctly.

I then began to rush through the rest of my stops, not wasting time at all, and at the end of my day, I was the last driver back to the warehouse. I got an extra $80 on overtime because Ali cried for not being the first delivery of the day. I never returned to see Ali again. We dropped his whinny butt as a customer.

wotmate says:

Heh, I did something similar. I had a busy courier route delivering both cartons and full pallets to mainly businesses, and the first delivery was just around the corner of the depot. I went there first purely because it was convenient for me, not because of any orders from on high.

One entire week, it took me a solid 30 minutes every morning to get the attention of someone in the business, so I decided to bypass them and deliver their stuff at the end of the morning run from there on in.

Of course they complained, but I just told my boss that I didn't have time to wait 30 minutes for them to take delivery. Magically, they had someone waiting for me every single morning when I pulled into their dock.

Cfwydirk says:

Change the working plan for a 14 box per week customer. Atta boy Steve. Sounds like Steve has no sense of humor!

Large-Client-6024 says:

Dream ending: OP stopped at Ali's store and dropped off the entire order at 6:15. Leaving everything to sit outside for two hrs. until Ali arrived at eight. Local cats and dogs ravage the meat. Ali complains then Steve reinforces 'You wanted to be the first stop and you were.'

Best of luck to Ali's new delivery driver!

Sources: Reddit
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