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Employees maliciously comply when surgeon demands their lunch in return for takeout.

Employees maliciously comply when surgeon demands their lunch in return for takeout.


Lunch in the office is usually leftovers from home. Sometimes you're looking forward to it; other times, it just saves money. What sucks is if you bring lunch to work and then someone steals it.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, a surgeon decides he's welcome to eat anybody's lunch.

An employee writes:

I worked for an orthopedic surgeon who constantly ate people's lunches and would leave $10 on the fridge. He loved left-over home-cooked meals. 'I don't get lunches off; I must work to keep paying your salary. You can buy another lunch,' He would say.

I hated him so much, but I got paid a lot. He was fresh from his internship and residency and thought he was above everyone. We complained to the office manager.

She went to the doctor and said we were all pissed about it. The doctor told her to 'deal with it.' If the doctor decided to eat one of our lunches, we could have the office manager order something.

This was amazing! There were two people besides me that had family and kids, so we always brought leftovers.

If he ate my food, I ordered from the most expensive steak place in town: appetizers, 22 oz steak, three sides, a salad, and dessert. I'd eat the salad, and the rest went home. And, of course, there are plenty of leftovers to take to work the next day!

The rest of the staff was doing the same. Ordering whole chickens, 4-5 different Chinese dishes, spending hundreds of dollars replacing stolen meatloaf sandwiches, day-old soups, and spaghetti.

The office manager went along with it. After all, he said we could order what we wanted if he took our lunch. It went on for two months until d*ckhead doc caught on.

From then on, he had the office manager order him lunch. I did miss trading off a cold pork chop and Spanish rice for prime rib and all the fixings.

The internet loves fair trade consumption.

lapsteelguitar says:

Sounds like a fair trade to me. Dr. steals your lunch, so he gets to replace it.

stuffwiththing says:

On the flip side, I used to work with a GP who specialized in treating patients with addiction issues - many of whom were homeless. We couldn't use the freezer part of the staffroom fridge; it was filled with frozen meals.

If a patient came to see him and hadn't eaten in a while, the doc would get us to heat a meal for them. The guy was an absolute legend. Sad day when he retired.

CoderJoe1 says:

He's lucky you didn't deliver over-salted or over-hot sauced food to the fridge for him. Or worse.

OP, I'm sorry the good times came to an end.

Sources: Reddit
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