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Man tells wife to lose weight if she wants to go out; she maliciously complies.

Man tells wife to lose weight if she wants to go out; she maliciously complies.


There is nothing wrong with anyone's body. If you want to lose weight, that's great; if you don't want to lose weight, that's also great! What's important is that you're happy with your body because it's yours and right for you.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, a man tells his wife he's embarrassed to be seen with her because she's put on some weight.

The story goes:

My sister (Jen) married right out of college and had five kids with her husband (Chris) over the next eight years. He preferred that she stay home with the kids. She wanted to work but accepted that life took her in a different direction. She cared for the house and kids, and he worked long hours to support the family comfortably. Chris's employer held a black tie dinner/event annually until 2020.

Chris always attended alone, insisting that Jen needed to stay home to care for the kids. The employer resumed the black tie events last year. My nieces and nephews then ranged from seven to sixteen years old and could stay by themselves for a few hours, but Jen asked me to pick up her daughter from the activity and help with dinner on the night of the event. No problem!

Jen told Chris she had everything arranged for the kids and was excited to attend the event. Chris said he'd rather go alone because she had put on some weight and wouldn't be able to lose it in time to look good at a formal event, but they can go the next year if she tries to 'get back into shape.' My sister called me in tears to cancel our plans.

She was shocked that Chris didn't want to be seen with her. (I'm not shaming anyone for their weight, but Chris has to be bordering on clinically obese and blamed the extra weight on work stress. Meanwhile, according to the BMI chart, my sister was six pounds overweight, and she's a natural beauty.)

Chris wanted her to lose 30 to 40 lbs to 'look good enough' in formal attire. Jen asked that I not discuss this with our family. I reluctantly agreed but suggested marriage counseling because nothing about that was acceptable.

Jen promised Chris that she would lose weight and attend the next year's event. She tried to eat healthier and worked out nightly after the kids were settled. She said Chris was impressed with her determination and loved that she was taking his advice.

At our family gatherings, he was more affectionate with her and bragged that she had been losing weight and trying to look her best for him. I bit my tongue so hard I tasted blood.

About six months later, the same week that Jen had reached her personal weight loss goal, she took her kids to our parents' house and quietly filed for divorce. I later discovered that Chris had refused to entertain even a conversation about marriage counseling.

Chris berated Jen in front of the kids, accused her of having affairs in the limited alone time she had to run errands for the family or get a haircut, and privately and publicly often 'joked' that she was stuck with him because no one else would want an 'unskilled, unemployed' 40-something mother of five. His demand for weight loss was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Jen is now employed at a job she enjoys and spends tons of quality time with her kids. Chris sees them about one weekend a month because his 'work is too demanding' to care for the younger kids alone more frequently. The older two no longer go to his house because they say he leaves them to care for their younger siblings.

This past weekend, Jen promised Chris she would lose weight and attend the next black tie event, but not with him. She went with a long-time friend who works for the same organization as Chris. She wore a beautiful gown and looked stunning.

Chris started a conversation with her, during which he put his arm around her waist and tried to pull her away from her date physically. In front of his colleagues, she updated him on the recent accomplishments of their older children (whom he had not seen or spoken with in more than two months).

He awkwardly left shortly afterward, reportedly red-faced. As it turns out, many people want a 40-something mom of five- a successful man who was Jen's high school sweetheart, a good employer who values her ability to multitask, fine-tuned by years of being a dedicated mom to active kids, and her children, who are generally happy that she left their pompous a** of a father.

The internet is not here for Chris or anyone like him.

Sparrowflyaway says:

Chris: 'Lose some weight!'

Jen: 'How about I drop several hundred pounds of dead weight right now!' *leaves*

Chris: *surprised Pikachu face*

Eino54 says:

Jen sounds like an absolutely amazing woman and totally bada**

sawdustandfleas says:

My fat ex husband complained about my body 'not being the same anymore' after I gave him two sons. I left him the year my second was born. The audacity of these dudes.

OP, your sister is better off without Chris!

Sources: Reddit
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