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Restaurant regular asks for food to be made like 'the chef hates me', chef complies.

Restaurant regular asks for food to be made like 'the chef hates me', chef complies.


Spice levels at restaurants are always variable. Sometimes spicy means the levels of spice people who are accustomed to spices are used to, and other times spicy means the tolerance people who don't grow up seasoning their food are accustomed to.

On a popular Reddit thread one restaurant regular wants the spice levels to be above what is typically given, and the restaurant takes their request very seriously.

They write:

I frequent a local Chinese hole-in-the-wall restaurant a few blocks from my work. I have been coming here several times a week for about a year and know the staff fairly well.

I enjoy my spicy food and always ask for it to be extra spicy, but today I felt like something a bit more extreme.

So I asked for my extremely spicy Singapore noodles and added, 'Tell the chef to make this for me like he hated me and wanted me to hurt.' Well, they took the 'like he hated me' quite seriously.

When my food came out, it was...repulsive. The meat was burned black and just crumbs, the vegetables were practically uncooked, and it was the saltiest thing I have ever eaten.

Well, I got what I asked for and tried to eat it when my server returned and asked me how I liked it. 'Well, I think he might hate me.'

The server laughed and brought me my actual meal. I had gotten scraps that would normally be tossed, and the chef decided to enjoy it.

I got my food to go (my appetite was gone from my few bites) and left a good tip. It's been a few hours, and I still feel slightly off. Last time I ask for something like that.

According to the internet, this is the story of a delightful relationship.

shepsut says:

This is a great story. Really funny prank, and it shows a nice relationship with the staff. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy the meal they prepared for you in good faith.

secondhandbanshee says:

Next time, maybe use a line I saw in an old book by Lawrence Block: 'On the outside I look like a white man [or whatever description fits], but on the inside I am a grandmother from Sri Lanka.'

Or simply, 'I don't want to sweat. I want to weep.' Either should set you up nicely.

Henbit71 says:

Oof! A good joke I suppose. Heres hoping your stomach settles down and you get a chance to actually enjoy your meal. Be careful what you wish for, and good luck with that spicy food.

OP, if you really want spicy food I would absolutely reccomend Sri Lankan food. Sri Lankan grandmas have spice tolerance for days.

Sources: Reddit
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