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Entitled rich woman tries to stiff web designer on bill; designer gets revenge.

Entitled rich woman tries to stiff web designer on bill; designer gets revenge.


College kids will usually pick up a side hustle to make ends meet. Waiting tables, walking dogs, or using what they learn in college to make money. Anything helps when you have to pay college tuition.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, a college student gets some revenge on a difficult client.

They write:

At university, I designed websites to make extra cash, pay tuition/rent, etc. I got pretty good at it and had a great network of clients around London (UK). One day, I was introduced to a lady (we’ll call her Debbie) who ran an 'interior design' agency in West London. I put the speech marks there because all of her clients were her friends or friends of her husband.

She was extremely wealthy, lived in a house on Warwick Ave in Maida Vale, and had a chauffeur on call. Her money was derived from her husband, who seemed very sketchy. She also had these two sons who just sat around the house all day smoking weed despite being in their late 20s.

Anyway, I designed a website for her which she was very pleased with. Her brief was: 'I want this website to show London's best interior design service.' I quoted the price, she agreed, and I built it, but when it came time to pay, she suddenly started complaining that the website wasn’t quite right (despite being live and generating lots more traffic than before).

She refused to pay and stopped answering my calls. She didn’t realize that I owned the domain name and could legally do whatever I wanted with it. So I redirected it to her closest competitor, a nearby interior design agency run by a rival she hated.

Within six hours, I got a phone call from her saying that her website was 'broken' and had to be fixed ASAP. I explained that I couldn’t do anything but vaguely suggested that if she stumped up some cash, maybe I could do something.

I won’t repeat the names she called me - but the next morning, my account was credited with the money. I never bothered to change the domain and blocked her number after that. The site is still live to this day.

The internet is not kind to the rich.

zeus204013 says:

A common issue I saw in a lot of people with money.

Profile-Possible says:

Now that’s payback.

asp174 says:

That's not vicious or malicious (which I like). That's not even despiteful or malevolent (which - sometimes - I like even more, ). That's pure evil. And in this case, I like it the most.

Beach_Original15 says:

As a website designer I'm taking notes.

She's probably done this to people before and karma finally caught up with her.

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