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Store owner fires employee and losses $30k tries to get former employee arrested.

Store owner fires employee and losses $30k tries to get former employee arrested.


Being asked to do work you weren't hired for can be frustrating. It's important to set boundaries with your employers that if you're asked to take on work that isn't yours, you both agree to it and are compensated for it. Not all bosses will respect that, unfortunately.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, one employee sets a boundary, and their boss fires them for it.

They write:

I worked a second job at our local small grocery and butcher shop, a few nights a week, to pay for my kid's activities. I was hired as a cashier.

The person that did the end-of-day butcher shop clean-up/sanitizing quit. So instead of hiring someone for clean up, the owners decided that the cashiers could do it between customers.

The owner sat at their office ( watching tv and f*cking around), and when a customer came in (the doorbell would ring), they would buzz the phone in the butcher area for the cashier to check them out. When I came in for my shift at 6 pm and was told about the new setup, I told them NO.

I was not hired to clean up the butcher area but to run the register and stock shelves. The owner then said I would clean the butcher shop, or I could consider myself fired, and they walked away. I said Fine, I grabbed my things and left.

The owner thought I had given in and was in doing the cleaning. So they buzzed the butcher area when customers came in for about two hours before someone told them no one was coming to check them out. The store liquor area, cigarettes, and scratchers got emptied.

It was 7:30, and I got a screaming phone call from the owner about how he was calling the police, and I was going to get arrested. Yeah, right. The owner did call the police; the owner stated he wanted me arrested as an accomplice to the thefts because I had left.

Cops asked me to come to the store, which I did, and I explained that the owner had fired me, so I went home, and the CCTV would prove that fact. The tape was reviewed, and plain as day, the owner said I was fired. I estimate they lost about $30,000.00.

The internet loves to hate a horrible boss.

rtdragon123 says:

That's some high-level managing there. He tried to make you the fall guy for his mess up. Hey boss man, pay attention to your workers.

SalisburyWitch says:

Maybe he should have got off his butt and done things. Didn’t he watch his security cameras while the shop got cleaned out?

vonhoother says:

If it's any comfort to them, they probably would have got fined for having cashiers with no food handling certification clean up the butcher area in between waiting on customers. That can't be legal. The butcher area would end up far from sanitized with all the interruptions, and every bill the cashiers gave out in change would carry salmonella and e. coli.

OP, your boss tried passing the buck and you didn't want it. That's on him.

Sources: Reddit
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