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Teen maliciously complies during group project presentation after partner says 'shut up.'

Teen maliciously complies during group project presentation after partner says 'shut up.'


Nobody enjoyed the dreaded group project. Seldom did the group work on it equally. There would be one person who did all the work, one who kind of helped, and one who did absolutely nothing. If a teacher could figure out how to effectively implement a group project where this didn't happen, they should get a million dollars.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, a teen does all the work for their group project and maliciously complies with a request from the person that did nothing.

They write:

I was assigned to do a presentation with a girl. She was the stereotypical popular and mean girl, and I was more like the alternative type. She and her group never messed with me too much because I had a strong personality and my friends, so I never really cared about their opinions about me, but they were mean to others.

She didn't want to meet to organize the presentation, so I did everything by myself and explained what she needed to say.

When the presentation started, her part was first. At some point, she said something wrong, so I politely intervened to rectify what she said (I wanted a good grade, so I was polite to make it sound like part of the presentation). Still, she was furious and said, 'That's what I meant,' she didn't need my help because she knew everything perfectly.

She looked at me and said, 'Just shut up' in the middle of the presentation in front of the class and teacher while her friends nodded and agreed with her.

I was shocked and felt terrible, so I just stood there, but when it was my turn to talk, I kept standing there with a poker face without opening my mouth. Everyone realized what was happening after a couple of seconds or maybe a minute.

Fortunately, my teacher was fast, and he said, 'Well, you told her to shut up, so I guess you'll need to continue with the presentation. 'I still remember her red face.

Of course, the presentation was awful, and everyone was laughing (I was dying inside), and we got a low mark. I didn't mind because I was a good student, so my other assignments saved me, but she had to attend summer school. Oh, she was upset! But it was totally worth it.

I don't think the internet is going to give this teacher the million-dollar reward.

AutumnAscending says:

It's a shame the teacher gave you the same grade as her.

dellaevaine says:

I'm glad your teacher caught on quickly.

warriornun801 says:

To be fair, she did tell you to shut up and knows what she was doing. So she has to be a genius.

shag377 says:

Don't get mad if I play your game by your rules, and I win.

OP, it's as the old saying goes you can bring a popular teenage girl to water, but you can't force her to drink.

Sources: Reddit
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