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Customers get revenge on waiter who overcharged them; 'we giggled about it.'

Customers get revenge on waiter who overcharged them; 'we giggled about it.'


Waiting tables is one of the most challenging jobs out there. That's why it's always kind to give your servers some leeway. However, if they try to overcharge you and refuse to take it off the bill, you have grounds to complain.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, two customers try and get some coffee they didn't order removed from their bill, and their waiter will not make it easy for them.

One of the customers writes:

She and I were out for brunch and had a lovely time at an upscale rooftop restaurant in the heart of our city. Y'know, the kind with a full setting, cloth napkins, and white tablecloth. The kind where a pancake entrée has the word 'melange' and mimosas are $16. We had a great time even though the service was a little rushed.

We get it - Saturday brunch means a lot of tables with a speedy turnover. My sister had been a waitress throughout college; we even joked about her applying for the weekend shifts since she'd make great tips. When it came time to settle the check, we noticed we had been charged for two coffees, which we didn't order nor receive. While handing the bill back, I asked that they be taken off.

Waiter: Well, you got coffee. Me: I'm sorry, we didn't. See? I show him the pristine empty coffee cups. Waiter: No, there are two coffee cups on the table. Me: There are coffee cups on every table.

At this point, he huffs, rolls his eyes, and says he has no authority to remove anything from the bill. Before I can ask for someone who can, he smirks and says the manager on duty just went on break, and we'd have to wait thirty minutes for her, but he'd be asking us to wait at the host stand since they need the table.

My sister and I look at each other, and we both get the same idea. Sister: Okay, if we're being charged for coffee, I'd like a refill. Me: Oh, for me too. And can you bring cream and sugar? It was at this moment he knew he had f*$&ed up. We spent another twenty minutes sipping coffee and keeping him from turning the table. We asked for refills once, and I asked if they had any raw sugar packets.

By the end of it, he was pointedly ignoring us. We giggled about it, and I made a theatrical show of flourishing my card, putting it in the booklet, and setting it upright. My sister even tried to flag him down, but he refused to look in our direction.

We finished and hung around until he came back with his manager. He was smirking again. I have to say that facial expression stayed with me. Waiter (sickly sweet): Okay, you two, we have a seating time limit to allow our other guests to eat with us. Will that be all today?

Me: Well, we've been waiting for you to take our check. I tried to get your attention earlier, but you must have been busy. I offer him my card and the booklet, and I've never seen a human turn red so quickly. He mutters that he'll be right back and marches to run it.

While we were waiting, the manager asked us about our experience. We said we both had a great time and we'd be back and relayed what happened. At least we ended up enjoying the coffee. We paid, left a decent tip, and skedaddled. But it felt good knowing he probably cost himself a ticket's worth of tips over $9 in coffee.

The internet usually favors the side of the serving staff.

gucchee says:

What an entitled and idiotic server! Coffee will not make or break a tip. Just take the coffee off. Also, what manager takes a break DURING brunch?

OmahasWrath says:

What is a kind of restaurant manager taking a thirty-minute break in the middle of a weekend brunch?

Burninator05 says:

If I'm going to stand at the host stand for thirty minutes waiting on the restaurant to resolve a billing error, you can bet that every person who comes in will know WHY I'm standing there. No lies. No exaggeration. Just a firm warning to check their bill when it is time to go because the restaurant adds things you didn't order and takes their sweet time fixing the error.​​​​​​

OP, good on you for still tipping!

Sources: Reddit
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