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Nurse maliciously complies with rude patient who called her wig 'unprofessional'.

Nurse maliciously complies with rude patient who called her wig 'unprofessional'.


Being ill does not excuse you from being a total jerk, especially when you're a jerk to someone who's dealing with their own medical issues.

A Redditor shared (with permission) a second-hand story of an amazing nurse who takes sh*t from no one. Here's the post with top comments:

“Your unprofessional wigs are making me sick!'

Ancient_Educator_76 writes:

Obligatory not my story. My wife heard this from a nurse, we’ll call her Susie. Susie has a very positive and upbeat personality with a wild sense of style. She wears very bright clothes and likes to wear wigs.

And no, she does not have cancer.

But she’s always rocking an awesome wig that matches her out fit. My wife even sends pics to me aside from the social media posts of their night. She wants to get wigs and lets me know by way of these pics.

Susie sounds like a gem.

Last night Susie tells the gals about one of her patients that clearly did not like her. She always has a frumpy face when looking at her, and always has a problem.

The patient was getting continuous care and saw Susie regularly over the past few weeks, so this attitude graded on her over time. But this time she crossed a line.. Upon her latest visit she told Susie “Your unprofessional wigs are making me sick! Stop wearing all these different crazy wigs!”

That's as nonsensical as it is rude.

Instantly, right then and there Susie took off her wig, making sure it clearly showed one of her reasons for wearing wigs in the first place.

She had long clumps of hair that gnarled out in all directions, showing bald spots as well. Susie has alopecia and lets it grow out to help fasten the wigs at times (what my wife was told). It was quite the sight to behold, and Susie ended with “is this professional enough for you?”


Susie wishes she could have a picture of the moment, but the way she described the ladies snarled lip at the sight of her and in response to the action was classic. She gave me permission to put this up provided I changed names and didn’t get specific. Deal.

The patient never said anything mean to her again, and even made an attempt at smiling the last time she saw her.

And here's how Reddit responded to Susie's story...

Venice2seeYou says:

Perfect response to the very rude patient. We never know what other people are going through.

When my son was in hospital going through chemo he wanted a sub sandwich, which I was happy to go get for him as he didn’t eat during chemo treatments and his appetite was very short lived.

I arrive and before I can tell my order, a lady jumped in front of me and said I’m starving, I don’t feel like cooking for my family, I’ll only be a minute. She took 20 minutes. It took all of my self control to not put her in her place.

I would have given anything to be able to be home with all my family to cook dinner. Cancer has taught me patience because we truly don’t know what others are going through. Sorry for my rant. I’m happy Susie showed that woman what was under her wig! Go Susie!

Some-Region-5668 responds:

Yeah, some people don't treat others respectfully unless they 'earn' it. I would've loved to see that woman's face when the wig was pulled off... Hopefully she'll try to be a better human in the future...

I try to treat others respectfully by default, since imo all humans should be treated with respect. Whether they can retain that respect is much less certain since I'm not so kind as to put up with someone being disrespectful towards me. Especially for no reason. And if you try to make me jump through hoops to earn your respect, you're losing more and more of mine each time...

XariaStrange shares a similar story:

My grandmother did something similar once. She had terminal cancer and wanted to go on a trip to Disney with the family as her last trip before she got too sick. We got a medical pass that allowed our group to skip all the lines due to her condition.

We were being escorted through a back entrance for a ride and the cast member offhandedly said how she didn’t look like she had cancer, almost in an accusatory way. She ripped her wig off and said ,”Is this better?” The man was absolutely mortified and managed to squeak out ,”no ma’m that won’t be necessary.”

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