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This weekend’s 5 angriest and shadiest bosses caught over text.

This weekend’s 5 angriest and shadiest bosses caught over text.


Over on r/Antiwork, Reddit's favorite place to discuss bad bosses and unfair employers, the weekend is only time you're allowed to post text messages — lest the community become overrun with infuriating communications. But here we are, the weekend. And if you're in the mood for some obnoxious exchanges by employers trying to get away with something shady, do we have the content for you.

Here are this weekend's five angriest and shadiest bosses, caught over text.

1.) After a new employee told coworkers her salary (she made more than them), she was apparently fired and the rest of the company got this email.

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry to send this via email. This si what we were going to discuss in our meeting today, but my daughter has thrown up every 30 minutes all night, so I'm not going to make it in today.

It has come to my attention that there have been rumors circulating through the department and discussions about each other's wages. I wanted to send out information to be very clear on how wages are calculated to hopefully squash the frustration pulsing through the department.

Every position within our department, including customer service, has a designated wage scale. This scale has a starting wage and increases in amount, based on years of experience.

When HR sends an offer letter to an applicant — that scale is used to determine the wage offered. So yes, everyone's wages in our department vary... But from what I understand, the differences might have been exaggerated on how large those gaps are.

That is how wages are offered at the start of employment. Then each May (the cutoff hire date for each year is Jan 31st) we do annual reviews and offer merit increases individually to each employee based off of performance, with a maximum increase of 3%. Those reviews are submitted to HR and the increase is added and will show on the first paycheck in July.

If you have any questions or concerns about your wage, please come discuss with Jen and I and we can walk through how it has been calculated.

And to anyone that thought it was appropriate to discuss your wage with a coworker — I would advise you to use more tact in the future.

2.) This employee and employer going back and forth on what's legal and what's not.

3.) This employer's email, after conveniently changing the PTO policy.

4.) After the hiring manager made a point of telling this prospective employee that discussing wages was a fireable offense, they reached out for clarification.

5.) And here's a simple 'mad boss' text that speaks for itself.

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