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Woman is tired if SIL treating her like an Airbnb guest, books hotel. AITA?

Woman is tired if SIL treating her like an Airbnb guest, books hotel. AITA?


'AITA for wanting to stay at a hotel instead of my husband’s sister’s house when we visit her city.'


As background, the last time we went to the city where she lives I had a terrible accident where I fell down the steps face first on concrete, chipped and pushed back 3 of my teeth and split my lip into two, amongst other injuries.

I was literally traumatized. The next day everyone was planning on going to the local shopping center and I of course wasn’t up to going anywhere due to me being on pain meds and my face looking crazy.

So I told my husband I wasn’t going to go and he told his sister. His sister said, “well let me ask my husband if it’s ok if she stays in out house alone”.

I had to wait probably 2 hours for her husband to respond and I was told I could only stay in the bedroom we were staying in while they were gone.

Now, their house, their rules - I get it. But I’ve never felt so unwanted as a guest and I damn near felt like I was a criminal or something. So I swore in my head I’d never stay at their home again.

But my husband thinks I’m overreacting and being petty. I simply don’t want to be where I’m tolerated. I wasn’t raised like that - if I welcome you into my home, I want you to treat it like it’s your home. But maybe I’m tripping. AITA??

Here were the highest-rated comments from readers:


NTA. That sh*t is wild. What’s up with your husband?


NTA. Your sil is a real piece of work tho. Stay at a nice hotel - tell her you MUST be allergic to something in her house, since sleeping in the bedroom gave you such a sinus headache!

Then, when you go to her house, never, not once, leave your purse unattended. Make a point of picking it up every time you move around. If anyone asks why, get all wide-eyed and innocent and say that your wallet is in there. Give no other explanation. Let them know insults go both ways.


NTA I’d never set foot in their house again. How insulting! I can’t believe your husband was ok with that.


Not allowing you out of the guest bedroom sounds crazy! NTA.

The OP responded:


Just wanted to say thanks for your comments. I’m NTA and I’m standing 10 toes down on that!!!!

Do you think the OP is overreacting or is her SIL being unreasonable?

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