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'AITA for being territorial over my husband in front of my SIL who my ex cheated on me with?'

'AITA for being territorial over my husband in front of my SIL who my ex cheated on me with?'


"AITAH for being territorial over my husband in front of my SIL?"

Here's the original post:

My SIL Angela is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in person. Unfortunately, she also thrives off of male attention. A few years ago, my brother caught Angela in an affair with my then-fiancé. We were two months away from our wedding. They both blamed each other. My brother forgave Angela but I wasn’t able to forgive my fiancé.

I met my now-husband Ezra shortly afterwards. We were both hurt from our last relationship. I think we were both so wrapped up in heartbreak that we got married almost out of spite, desperate hurt, and rebounding. Ezra knew my ex cheated but not with whom. I kept to myself for a couple of reasons, the main reason being I love my family and I had to tolerate Angela for the sake of family.

A year ago, Ezra made a passing comment about some of my family members being weird and having to block them. I brushed it off then because my family can be a bit much. They use WhatsApp like a personal diary.

Angela came up to me a few days later and told me that she was sorry but she thought I had gotten rid of my anger and hurt already. She said she worked for forgiveness and couldn’t believe what I was insinuating out of spite and asked for an apology. I had no idea what she was talking about.

She got frustrated and told me that she knew I texted her from Ezra’s phone. I came home and asked Ezra. He simply handed over his phone. Angela was flirting with him in a subtle way and was insinuating they could start an affair. Ezra brushed her off and finally responded with “I’m happily married. This is inappropriate. Don’t text me again.”

I have no words to describe how I felt. Ezra’s work has him interact with a ton of attractive young women. He’s charming and attractive and can have so many options. He’s turned down people before but seeing how easily he brushed off Angela sparked something within me.

I fell more in love with Ezra than I thought possible. He’s literally my dream man and I fantasize about him like a teenage girl reading her first romance book. I’ve always found him attractive but it’s on another level. I blanket him with affection.

Ezra was taken off guard but he pretty much welcomed my new feelings and affection. It’s like he can’t get enough and pushes what he can do. Ezra and I went on vacation with my family a couple of days ago. I was sure to keep it appropriate for everyone but my husband and I held hands, I kissed his cheek, I hug his arm, and we cuddled.

My brother came to me and said that I was making Angela uncomfortable by being “territorial” over Ezra. he said he saw the messages too and there was nothing inappropriate and I should stop punishing her for my ex fiancé’s behavior. I said i wasn’t going to change my behavior for Angela.

Angela came up to me afterwards and asked if I was going to continue being childish and deeply jealous of innocent interactions or if I was going to grow up. Angela said I made everyone uncomfortable with my behavior. I called her two faced. We had to cut the vacation short because of our constant arguing and my parents are annoyed at both of us. AITA?

What do you think? This is what top commenters had to say:

westcoastsunflower said:

i'm happy for you. screw angela; she can eff right off

PerfectLoverrrrrrr said:

Why the F is your brother mad about you being affectionate with YOUR husband? Why does Angela care? Your brother Is a chump, & he wants everyone else to be one too. Go ahead, be bold with It, kiss him, touch him. There Isn’t any laws preventing you to do so

[deleted] said:

NTA but your brother is married to a serial cheater.

potenttechnicality said:

You're happy, ezra's happy, hell even your brother appears happy though i don't know why. If your SIL's constant drama upsets anyone else that's their problem. NTAH

Choice-Intention-926 said:

Angela is probably sleeping with his boss. The closer the proximity to her husband the greater the thrill. She sleep with your dad if she could get away with it.

MoonGladeLadyBug said:

Angela is not a girls girl. Text her AND your brother in the same msg to never to contact your husband again. I’d go as far as NC with both of them. Your brother is delusional thinking she’s not looking to cheat again. NTA. Your husband did great shutting her down. Angela is a POS!

raerae6672 said:

My response would always be "Why does she care if I am affectionate with My Husband. He is My Husband. Why should she care how he and I interact. Sounds to me like a Her problem. "

PerfectLoverrrrrrr said:

Your brother a simp chump for siding with the woman who caused you hurt. Let him learn the hard way when she cheats again

CandThonestpartners said:

Take screenshots of the messages off your hubby's and send them to your brother. Make sure include the ones where she mentions she wants an affair and see what he says. You brother is a push over and his wife is a homewrecker, I reckon he needs to get an STD panel. Also any future kids I'd be getting a DNA test, you know just to make sure.

Verdict: Absolutely NTA.

And OP wrote in the comments:

I’m so grateful for Ezra. My garbage ex fiancé and I knew each other since we were kids. He promised to love and respect me. He was still telling me those things while he was cheating on me with Angela. A part of me broke that day.

Mutual friends told me that they could see why he did it. I can see it too. Angela’s that beautiful. But was those few weeks with her worth my years and years of love? She broke up with him the second they got found out. He didn’t want to be with me. I couldn’t forgive him either.

I was so afraid Ezra would turn out this way, especially when so many men I personally knew, men I considered to be good people, admitted they would go for her and just hide it. Everyone says fidelity is a low bar but when so many people fail to reach it, it really makes you wonder.

I was afraid of loving him fully because a part of me thought that if Angela were to do anything, he would cheat on me with her or break boundaries or something. But he stood up for our marriage. He told me the truth and didn’t even make it a big deal. He’s ignored many more beautiful, successful, and talented women because he made a commitment to me. There’s literally nothing more attractive than that.

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