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Husband 'kind of' misses wife's birthday for golf. 'If she asked, I would've stayed.'

Husband 'kind of' misses wife's birthday for golf. 'If she asked, I would've stayed.'


Sometimes Reddit can be a force for good.

When a clueless man came to Reddit for marriage advice, he received some life-saving tough love. Here's the rundown:

'AITA (Am I the a-hole) for kind of missing my wife's birthday?'

HotInspection7058 writes:

I (32M) have been married to B (30F) for about 4 years. Her 30th birthday fell on a Saturday. Her friends threw her a small party for that night. Since we weren't due to arrive at the party until later in the evening, I decided to go golf.

Great start, no notes.

My wife seemed a bit irritated when I told her I was leaving, but she didn't say anything or ask me not to.

Don't worry, it gets much worse.

It was a bit crowded at the course so the game took a bit long. I got home a little less than an hour before we were due to leave.

I was a bit rushed on getting ready.

My wife was upset with me because she spent the entire day alone and told me that I do not care much about her.

His defense?

If she would've asked, I would've stayed.

Am I the AH?

Here's what Reddit had to say to this man...


From MelodyRaine:

YTA (You're the a-hole). A milestone birthday for you wife and you left her alone for the day to go golfing. Count your blessings you're still married dear.

MissLili415 goes in:

“If she asked, I would have stayed.” Oh, ffs (for f*ck's sake). Do you seriously have so little emotional awareness that you have to be told you shouldn’t go golfing the afternoon of your wife’s milestone birthday?

A round of golf takes at least 4 hours, plus getting to and from the course, and the inevitable stop at the 19th hole. OF COURSE she thinks you don’t care about her. Why did her friends have to plan the party? Why did it not occur to you to plan it? YTA, duh.

aleeshanks spells it out for him:

YTA: 100% man. You left your wife hanging on her birthday to go play. You’re even displaying it here by saying “kind of missing my wife’s birthday” instead of saying what you did, which was leaving your wife on her own for her birthday.

You’re also blaming others for your bad decision by talking about the course being busy and how your wife didn’t say anything about you going. Come on man, you know you were wrong!

You’ve been together for four years now and should have some sort of idea about how she would feel about you skipping out on hanging out with her for a golf outing. Do something to make up for being a jack wagon, and more importantly to let her know how special she is to you. You may regret it if you don’t and someone else does.

Independent_Theme_64 laments:

Classic scenario, though it shouldn’t be. You prioritized golf over her bday, just admit it. You can go golf any other day. Also- you should know women won’t ask for things they expect you to know to do— especially after 4 years of marriage!

Good_From_70 simply asks:

What is wrong with you?

So, there you have it!

This one's a no brainer, which is how most of Reddit described OP.

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