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Wife berates husband for trying to 'punish' cat after it made her eyes bleed.

Wife berates husband for trying to 'punish' cat after it made her eyes bleed.


When this woman questions her husband's behavior, she asks Reddit:

''AITA for not letting my husband punish our cat?'

mediocreintention94 writes:

I (25f) do nearly; if not all, of the work for me and my husband's (24m) two cats. I cut their nails once a week and one is way more dramatic than the other.

I trim the males nails first so he doesn't hide. I normally wait until their normal nap time to trim them so they're more calm but I didn't have time to wait today.

The male cat scratched just under my eye enough to draw blood and I let him go to assess the damage. I was bleeding but not super bad so I grabbed him again to trim his nails and my husband got upset the cat scratched me.

As soon as I finished trimming the cats nails he tried to punish him for it and I told him to leave the cat alone. I know my cat wasn't trying to hurt me because he heard our female cat playing with a toy and wanted to join in.

So am I the asshole for telling my husband to leave the male cat alone and not to give the female cat the treats for me after I finished trimming both their nails?

Let's find out.

First, ghostofmunich asks:

NTA. How exactly did your husband plan to “punish” an animal?

To which, OP replies:

He gets super loud with them or picks them up to stop them. He's never layed a hand on them and I don't think he would. What I do when there into something they shouldn't is make a noise to distract them or spray them with water.

Then, crystallz80 makes this point:

NTA. Punishments are supposed to teach someone something. You can't teach a cat by punishing it.

Also, have you asked your vet about trimming the cats' nails that often? I've had cats most of my life and I've never heard of anyone cutting their nails this often. I thought once every three months was excessive.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. But is this relationship she and her husband have with their cats healthy, or toxic?

Sources: Reddit
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