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Man demands money from wife for home office use; she says, 'He won't get a penny.'

Man demands money from wife for home office use; she says, 'He won't get a penny.'


'AITA for refusing to pay my husband for using a room in the house for my WFH job?'

I (F32) began working from home 2 months ago. My husband bought the house we live in before we got together. He calls it his property which's fine by me. The house is small, has only 2 rooms , one of which used to be empty til I started using it as an office for my wfh job.

All was going fine with my job til he sat me down last night saying he's expecting 30% 'profit' from whatever I get from my job since he 'provides' the office for my work. I was completely caught off guard by this. I asked if he was serious and he went on about it being his home and how he could be using this room for his own purpose since it's 'his property'.

I said no and called him unreasonable which led to a blowup. I yelled at him saying he won't get a penny and he pitched a fit and accused me of 'taking full advantage' even though there's no mortgage to be paid. I do all chores in the house as well as share pay the bills in half.

He got his family involved in this and they're split. His mom thinks I'm being difficult and that 30% is not a huge amount and that this room is providing 'stability' for my wfh and so my husband should get some sort of benefits. AITA for putting my foot down and refusing to pay a penny?

Here's what people had to say:

tatersprout writes:

NTA. Time to immediately stop paying bills and doing all the housework. Move into your office. If he wants to treat you like a tenant, act like one. Do not combine your money with his. Pay him the going rate of tenancy. Start looking for a new place to live because this marriage is over. It's just a financial agreement to him.

shopgirl2 writes:

Or keep doing the chores and bill him the same amount he would charge you for the office.

Pro_Choice_Pagan writes:

I'd be rethinking my marriage if my partner expected me to pay rent on a space that is our shared home.

7grendel writes:

I'd charge the going rate for the chores you do. You clean up, whats a house cleaner cost a month? Cooking the meals, what's the cost of a chef? Outdoor work, landscaper?

Remarkable_Buyer4625 writes:

NTA - I would check with a lawyer. Paying your husband to use a room in “his” home might be enough to make the house “community property” ;-)

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