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Husband furious after catching wife texting her co-worker at 1 AM. 'AITA?'

Husband furious after catching wife texting her co-worker at 1 AM. 'AITA?'


"Wife accidentally texted me instead of coworker at 1AM. I was pissed, am I wrong?"

Here's the story:

Woke up at 6 to see my wife texted me something that made no sense. Nothing dramatic or sexual, but did include the blush emoji. As I think it’s clearly to a co worker, at 1AM.

After asking her this AM she confirms it was to a co worker. She was up on her laptop in bed working (true) and saw he was online so they discussed a meeting today. I asked why not just message him on Teams instead of phone and she said he had logged off shortly before.

The guy is a single male. If this had been a married female or something I am not sure I would care. I told her it was not appropriate to text a guy at 1AM, a single guy at that. I asked if the text could have waited until work in the AM and she said probably. I acted mad and jealous and she said I was being a child.

It was multiplied in my brain by her not wanting to be with me last night bc she was too tired. AITAH? I feel insecure and misogynist.

Here's what top commenters had to say:

Just-Spirit8426 said:

😊 is it this emoji? For me this one is smiling. This is 😳 embarrassed/shocked 😚- this is the one I would worry about

smcnamara11 said:

Am I the only one just now realizing it’s a “blush” emoji and not just a super sweet/innocent smile emoji? It’s one of my most used emoji next to my sarcastic 🙃 smile.

blubberburbs said:

Wait..my god is this blushing emoji 😊... I thought it's just giving that polite smile fuvk. Does your wife know it's a blushing emoji????? Or is it same with her the "polite smile thingy." If she knows, then you gotta clearly tell what the text exactly was,bcs it's really very vague in your post.

[deleted] said:

Interesting thing is that OP had developed feelings for a co-worker slightly over 2 years ago and attempted cheating according to the comments on one of his posts 2 years ago. Projecting much?

OP himself worked so much he says he burnt out and had to resign from job. Now he's SAHD and his wife is the one still working. I'd me more concerned with the fact she's working late hours (and why is it so if you're financially secure as you stated in some posts) rather than she uses normal nice-smile emoji...

YTA for being concerned over normal text message rather than long working hours. Get some therapy for the anxiety, burn out, and insecurity.

offbrandbarbie said:

Info: what exactly did the text say? If the text was completely innocent then I do understand you being curious about it at first, but I don’t think the ‘time’ she’s texting him Matters. It’s not like cheating only happens at night. If she’s cheating she’ll text him at noon just as easily.

And she’s also working, so it makes sense she’d text a coworker while working. I don’t think this is misogynistic but it does sound insecure.

UnderratedUnderfed said:

YTA I'd get it if it was "see you in the morning 🍆💦🥵" but seems like it was just "please remember to send the files first in the morning. Thanks! 😊"

mindsetoniverdrive said:

It is a friendly smile, or I use it as a “aw, thanks” smile. OP is insecure and is eventually gonna lose his marriage over acting like this. ridiculous. YTA, OP.

And jojolove27 said:

Oh dang I’ve been using that emoji as a nice, friendly smile 😂

What do you think? Was he overreacting? Or is this 😊 emoji a sure sign of infidelity?

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